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From now on inventor Mac Funamizu will show us his inventions.

Mac’s Petit Inventions

Mac Funamizu shares with us his design ideas. He looks at everyday things and envisions their future.

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Hello world, my name is Mac Funamizu and I love to design and invent stuff. Every now and then the ideas move away from my Moleskin, towards the computer. Those ideas I will share with you through Johnny Holland. The first concept I’d like to share is an interactive desktop hygrometer and thermometer.

The clock interface
Everybody knows that you know what time it is just by glimpsing at a clock. Although the interface of an analog clock doesn’t perfectly visualize the amount of time in a day, people of (almost) all ages can tell the time pretty easily. And it’s just a representation of time, without using numbers.

Know it by feeling it
Yeah, we know that, but what about other devices with which you have to read numbers to know the result? Such as a temperature, hygrometer, speedometer, the remaining data in a USB memory stick, etc. Don’t we have another way to understand the numbers just as well as with a clock? Why do we always have to take a close look at a thermometer to only know one number? After all, does everyone need to know the EXACT number of the temperature? That may be the reason that data visualization exists.

For me it was the reason to create new products. I want to “feel” something by seeing the visualized numbers:

Left is humidity, right temperature.

Red circles become blue when the temperature becomes negative.

Mac Funamizu

Mac is an in-house web/graphic designer working in Tokyo, Japan. In his free time he invents new products and interactions.

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