Mac’s Petit Inventions: Laziness for New Ideas

Mac’s Petit Inventions

Mac Funamizu shares with us his design ideas. He looks at everyday things and envisions their future.

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Necessity is the mother of invention, but when do you feel necessity? I always jot down something when I feel necessity or inconvenience and try to think of a fun way to solve it, which is kind of my hobby. And here are the ideas I found for some situations.

Super-Lazy Bookshelf

Almost every time I have a “It’d-be-much-better-if-there-were-…” moment, I find myself pretty lazy. For example: when I have to clean up the books on my desk, I don’t want to stand up from the chair to carry the books all the way to the bookshelf. So I thought of a way to put the books on the shelf by staying seated on my chair.

Put this bookshelf right next to your desk. By sliding the colored tag, you can specify which room a book goes into. Just slide a book down the slope after you read a book.

Black or White or Mixed

When I wanted white and black pepper mixed on my dish at dinner I came up with a pepper mill to grind only once for the mixed pepper. You can use this pepper mill with one hand and choose black, white or mixed by choosing the colors of the handles. You can also save some space for a little salt container you can put on top of the mill.

Sleepy Clock

When I’m sleeping I don’t want to open my eyes just to check out how much more time is left till the alarm goes off. Here’s an alarm clock with ears that move closer to each other with time. Touch the triangles and it tells you how much time there is left until the set time. Although you cannot know the exact time, you can feel how much more you can sleep.

Mac Funamizu

Mac is an in-house web/graphic designer working in Tokyo, Japan. In his free time he invents new products and interactions.

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  1. I like the bookshelf and pepper grinder, but I don’t know about the alarm clock. Blindly reaching to feel your alarm clock takes more effort than simply opening your eyes. If you’re too lazy to open your eyes, why would you flail around for your clock?