Microsoft explores extreme augmented reality

Lately Microsoft keeps exploring what our future might look like. This time they aren’t looking at the near future, but are taking us over the edge. They illustrate a place where the digital and physical spaces are one. A world where augmented reality is the only reality.

The video was made for Microsoft by Invivia, who got the following assignment: “explore in a poetic narrative way how certain developing technologies could begin to blend and augment our daily lives”. When you check out the video you see what their ideas are. Personally I like it, but also find it hard to imagine ever having a future like this… What do you think?

Jeroen van Geel

Jeroen van Geel is founder/chief kahuna of Johnny Holland and the interaction director at Fabrique [brands, design & interaction], a Dutch multidisciplinary design agency. You can follow him on Twitter via @jeroenvangeel.

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