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It always frustrates me when I find out that a USB stick is full after I’ve tried to put new data on it? Does data have to be so invisible? This frustration was the starting point of a new product, one that visualizes the digital information on a USB stick.

Below you see my ideal USB memory stick, even though I am pretty sure it will be too expensive to develop. Let’s dream:

The light inside the glass represents the data saved, so no light means no data and full of light is no more space. Each type of data is represented by different colors. For example pink is for images, blue is for documents and green for movies, etc.

It syncs with the icon on your desktop.

Mac Funamizu

Mac is an in-house web/graphic designer working in Tokyo, Japan. In his free time he invents new products and interactions.

4 comments on this article

  1. like the design, but i guess before this happens all your data will be online and usb stick obsolete…

  2. Jessica on

    Great Idea! :)

  3. Shivan on

    Very nice visualization! The light shows in an abstract way, which still would leave me clueless if I could add a text file to it. If the light areas were solid fills, then I would know clearly about free space availability. I would worry about different media types after plugging it to the machine, and see less use for knowing it otherwise. But it is a good dream :) Nice!