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What if we have a movie that can be watched only when certain conditions are met? Say you must BE somewhere to see a movie clip?

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With a mobile phone, you can watch movies/videos/TV programs online anywhere at almost any time. That ubiquity has brought tremendous convenience to our lives, but on the other hand, the value of them has been diminishing. We don’t very much/at all care about where we can get a clip or if we miss a drama episode. What if, however, we have a movie that can be watched only when certain conditions are met?

This concept is partly like a concept I’ve already introduced in my blog, but a little different.
OK, so you hold this device in front of you and watch a clip, but the clip can be played only if you are at a particular place. You have to BE there to see the whole movie.

For example, you can see

  1. a movie’s secret story at an actual scene
  2. a sequel clip to a TV commercial with how to apply for an exclusive present announced at the end
  3. your favorite actress choose clothes at a boutique
  4. a comedian introduce which spots you should visit in a touristy place

etc. etc.

Or you can shoot a video of yourself for your boyfriend saying “Hey, how long do you think I’ve been waiting for you? I’m going home.” so that he can see it when he finally arrives.

By limiting the geographical conditions for viewing movies this way, you might expect audiences to visit places you like.

It would be so much fun if videos can be seen in 3D from any angle (no, not from below).

Mac Funamizu

Mac is an in-house web/graphic designer working in Tokyo, Japan. In his free time he invents new products and interactions.

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  1. Edgar Tolman on

    This concept just screams to be used for an ARG (alternate reality game) such as was set up with the launch of Halo. Or an Amazing Race type of app for phones with GPS.

    It would also make for a good tourist trap for cities to create an app that leads people through a sort of treasure hunt or whodunnit mystery. It could be that depending on how well the user did at the various location-specific quizzes or mini-games, the prize they get at the end is different- free burger or free ice cream or only a discount if you didn’t do very well.

    I think things like this are much more compelling than a simple check-in system. Not that these sorts of games couldn’t be integrated into a service like Gowalla or Foursquare.

    Also, considering phones can have a built in compass and accelerometers, it would be possible to have an image or CG scene viewable from many angles. It wouldn’t be true 3D since GPS isn’t that accurate (on phones) but it would still add a level of coolness and could be integrated into a puzzle (you have to look at an object from a certain angle, then click the note taped to the bottom, etc).

  2. Luke Perman on

    It’s a nice idea, but on balance this seems rather annoying. One convenience of the digital age is the point made above: We don’t very much/at all care about where we can get a clip or if we miss a drama episode.

    The reason being that we can catch up with these things at our leisure.

    For my part, if I was expected to perform some precondition before watching a video – I’m even less likely to care about watching it. I think the only way it could work is as a value-add to being in a particular location – i.e. I’m already in some place, and whilst there I’m informed that I can receive some information to my device.

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  4. Good Article! Last Week I attended a Talk by Interactive Art Director Julian Koschwitz about “Augmented Editorial Design”. He presented some interesting approaches for using augmented reality in editorial design.

    If I merge his talk and some aspects of this article many ideas come to my mind. Interactive advertising posters telling whole stories when you hold your mobile in front of them and so on. Adding some additional content (and of course additional experience) to printed products where it is useful.

    There’s just one problem everytime – you have to download a special programm for capturing or go to a special website. It would be much easier if you just have to activate the camera in you mobile and focus the interactive poster.

    But on the whole this topic is very fascinating and I think we will see some amazing new ideas in the next time.