Mark’s UX clippings: cultural contexts and the Internet of Things

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Each week Mark brings us the latest UX news from around the world wide web. This week his focus was on cultural contexts and the Internet of Things.

Culture and context

We at Experientia often argue that UX design goes far beyond the interaction between people and a device or service, and that  user-centred design cannot do without an understanding of culture and context. This week’s updates delve into the matter more:

Internet of Things

The other main topic coming up this week was the Internet of Things, where the issues of debate now increasingly centre on mobile integration, human involvement and buy-in, and information visualisation:

Mark Vanderbeeken

Mark Vanderbeeken is a senior partner at Experientia, an international experience design consultancy, based in Turin, Italy. He is also the author of the successful experience design blog Putting People First.

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