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Last weekend I went to the Architecture Biennale in Venice, which was themed “People Meet in Architecture”. The focus in other words was on people (how they live, feel and behave in built environments) and how they interact with each other. These Monocle videos (part one and part two) provide a good impression. It’s great to see that people-centred thinking is now the vogue in the architecture world. Rethinking Happiness by the Italian architect/designer Aldo Cibic and his team is one of the projects that was exemplary of this exciting approach, and I encourage the readers to explore the website. The biennale closes on 21 November.

Lots of clippings this week.

Usability was a major theme and people reflected extensively on the usability of the iPad and the form factor usability of mobile phones.

Mobile devices are now, it seems, THE topic in the user experience discourse: their impact on emerging markets, the implications for online news, how they affect retail and local sales, and what apps could mean for tv viewing.

Two must read books got featured this week: Whitney Quesenbery and Kevin Brooks were interviewed about their new book Storytelling for User Experience: Crafting Stories for Better Design, and Jon Kolko published a sample chapter of his forthcoming book, Exposing the Magic of Design: A Practitioner’s Guide to the Methods and Theory of Synthesis.

Mark Vanderbeeken

Mark Vanderbeeken is a senior partner at Experientia, an international experience design consultancy, based in Turin, Italy. He is also the author of the successful experience design blog Putting People First.

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