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The week of inspirations continued: after the Venice Architecture Biennale, it was my own city – Turin – that was full of artists, clubbers and hipsters of all sorts. Régine Debatty wrote extensively about the art fair Artissima on her blog we make money not art, while Bruce Sterling was a steady presence at the Share Festival (although I missed his talk there – sorry, Bruce). And then there was the discovery of RENA , a new political group led by some very bright, young people who strive for a new climate of excellence in Italy, and collaborate intensively with no other than Bill Emmott (former editor of The Economist).

Within that context of fresh and inspiring thinking, I was delighted to find the free publication entitled The Enabling City: Place-Based Creative Problem-Solving and the Power of the Everyday (pdf). It is really an innovative toolkit – also featured on a website – where Italian researcher Chiara Camponeschi showcases pioneering initiatives in urban sustainability and open governance. Take a look and you will notice that her thinking is very close to the co-creation and service design themes that are currently all the rap in the UX community. It therefore comes as no surprise that she is inspired by creative communities guru Ezio Manzini.

Another discovery was the IDEA 2010 conference, held last month by the Information Architecture Institute. It is a yearly gathering  where UX professionals exchange insights and share perspectives for designing better experiences across physical and virtual information spaces. Videos of the first day are now available (check those by Josh Clark and Peter Morville) and you can also read recaps of Day One and Day Two on this very site.

Mark Vanderbeeken

Mark Vanderbeeken is a senior partner at Experientia, an international experience design consultancy, based in Turin, Italy. He is also the author of the successful experience design blog Putting People First.

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