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This week we’ve got a whole bunch of interesting links for you. Ranging from an interview with the creative designer of Motorola Korea to plans of the European Commission.

As part of a new CNN series on internet and the end of privacy, John D. Sutter reflects on the world of public living — where most everything about a person’s habits, location and preferences is just a few clicks away.

Most Americans in fact don’t want to be tracked on the Internet and are unwilling to trade their privacy for web ads that are tailored to their interests. So suggest the results of a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll of Internet users conducted over the weekend.

The European Commission meanwhile unveiled an ambitious agenda to bring public services online across Europe so that it could “serve an economy which relies on the networks of the future.”

So, how has the most revolutionary innovation of our time – the internet – transformed our world? What does it mean for the modern family? How has it changed our concepts of privacy? Of celebrity? Of love, sex and hate? These are some of the questions that writer and commentator Aleks Krotoski (who is also the brain behind the digital revolution open source documentary) addresses in a new Observer series entitled “Untangling the web“.

Andy Clark, professor of logic and metaphysics in the School of Philosophy, Psychology, and Language Sciences at Edinburgh University, Scotland, wonders whether devices like iPhones and Blackberries are actually becoming extensions of our thinking selves.

UX Magazine has published a rich trove of articles that looks at the internet and interaction design from a broader user experience perspective.

The Joong Ang Daily, the Korean partner newspaper of the International Herald Tribune, published an interview with Hwang Sung-gul, the creative designer of mobile devices at Motorola Korea, about the thinking and work that goes into designing a mobile phone.

Digital marketing expert Dhiren Shingadia interviewed ethnographer and technology researcher Tricia Wang to learn how ethnography can provide new insights for companies seeking to understand communities.

The Interaction Design Association (IxDA) announced the launch of the IxDA Interaction Awards, a first-of-its-kind awards program dedicated to celebrating global excellence in the discipline of Interaction Design.

Automation World reports at length on how human-centered design techniques are gaining attention in the world of industrial controls and automation, as more users struggle with complex user interfaces.

The UK newspaper The Daily Telegraph profiles Cordell Ratzlaff, director of user-centred design at Cisco Systems, and former head of Apple’s Human Interface Group.

Om Malik, founder of GigaOM Network, also focuses on UX issues as he argues in a much commented post that Google has a user experience problem, as it starts to compete with rivals whose entire existence revolves around easy, consumer experiences.

Mark Vanderbeeken

Mark Vanderbeeken is a senior partner at Experientia, an international experience design consultancy, based in Turin, Italy. He is also the author of the successful experience design blog Putting People First.

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