Enchanted objects: Designing Products that Express Emotion

If you’re interested in design and emotion, you’ll want to take a look at the upcoming series of posts from Smart Interaction Lab (an offshoot of Smart Design).

They’ve been looking at how objects can express emotion (also carrying on from researchers at Georgia Tech who looked at the Roomba [PDF]).

Until recently, the design of common household products was often limited by the use of off-the-shelf components that were affordable choices for implementation….
When crafting such product behaviors, we often build physical prototypes of the light systems in order to experience them in real time and create a vocabulary of responses for user testing as well as final product design and specifications. In future blog posts, we’ll share some of the experiments we’ve been creating in order to have a flexible, easy to use system available during the design process to allow designers to craft a wide vocabulary of light behaviors for almost any product.

They’re also looking for examples of “products with expressive light and sound” to feature on their blog.

Source: Smart Interaction Lab

Vicky Teinaki

An England-based Kiwi, Vicky is doing a PhD at Northumbria University into how designers can better talk about touch and products. When not researching or keeping Johnny Holland running, she does the odd bit of web development, pretends her TV licence money goes only to Steven Moffatt shows, and tweets prolifically about all of the above as @vickytnz.

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