Nokia’s view on mobile design in the next 5 years

Nokia’s Head of Design Strategy and Foresight, Sondre Ager-Wick, shares his ideas around the future of mobile.

In the article 5 incredible ways mobile design will change in the next 5 years Nokia Connect gives you a short but interesting view on Nokia’s idea of the mobile future.

DIY design – “Hackers get a pretty bad press, but apparently that’s all set to change. In the near future people will still be taking concepts and adapting them for their own use. However, instead of trying to stop them, Sondre believes companies will embrace them.”

Electronically enhanced senses – “Mobile technology has empowered us in ways that were unimaginable even a decade ago, yet according to Sondre things are set to get even better. In fact, he says mobiles will be designed to give us almost super human powers.”

The smartification of everything – “Today, most people who buy a smartphone want it to be everything and to have as many apps as possible. But this could all soon change. According to Sondre the smartphone will be stripped back to its fundamental functions as part of a family of objects that belong together and which use apps specific to them.”

Less digital bling. More content first – “Expect the digital space to be a lot more about direct content. Forget needing an app icon to access what is essentially a folder. We’ll be moving to a new paradigm, which is content driven.”

Getting serious about play – “This isn’t about games themselves becoming more popular, but taking game logic and elements into the design of everyday applications. The aim is to make them more engaging and easier to learn, while encouraging new behavior. For example, weight loss apps or carbon footprint apps, which reward you with upgrades or new functionality. Mobile technology will be designed to increasingly make a game out of everything.”

Jeroen van Geel

Jeroen van Geel is founder/chief kahuna of Johnny Holland and the interaction director at Fabrique [brands, design & interaction], a Dutch multidisciplinary design agency. You can follow him on Twitter via @jeroenvangeel.

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