All Your 2012 Trends Are Belong to Us

As we swing into a new year, all the ‘best of 2011’ posts become ‘what’s going to happen in 2012’.

Pesky Mayan predictions aside, there are a whole host of them handily collated in this post at Now and Next.

The post puts together the trends from:

Most are tech and business, but I did like the colour and food trends. (I don’t know about you, but I’m kinda fascinated everytime Pantone reveals the colour of the year. Goodbye, Honeysuckle, hello, Tangerine Tango.)

There are some of the usual trends here (everything everywhere, the cloud, eco-awareness), but one over the newer ones to pop up is the idea of serendipity  and humanity (#7 on JWT: ‘Reengineering randomness’,  #8 on Trendwatch ‘Flawsome’, and #11 from Ross Dawson ‘Polarization’).

It also looks as if 2012 is the year of the story (#9 Ross Dawson:  ‘Reputations exposed’, #4  JWT. ‘The rise of shared value’, #4 Social Trends: ‘Social sharing’).

Of course, who wrote the predictions depends on the nature of them: while IBMs are pretty predictable, Trendwatching’s are a lot more fun.

To see the compiled list, check out Top Trends post.

(Wondering about that title? Here you go).

[EDIT: they’re a bit late to the game, but frogdesign have put out their take on what they think will be big this year. To their credit, it is the most intriguing of the lot so far … Interaction Choreography or Humans are Analogue, anyone? ]

Feature image from Trendwatching

Vicky Teinaki

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