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In 2012 we will be continuing with the ‘Discussion’ series as started in 2010. It’s an opportunity to ask a question to you, get an expert opinion from an invited expert and open it up for community discussion. We hope this will provide the opportunity for you to share thoughts, project experiences, references, introduce experts on a topic, how a topic plays out locally and globally, what differences/similarities you see in your markets and what it means to our practice to push us all to think more deeply about the world we live in.

So the question is: What topics would you like to see discussed in 2012?

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Daniel Szuc

Daniel Szuc is a Principal Consultant at a Apogee Usability Asia Ltd, based in Hong Kong, and previously worked on a usability team for Telstra Australia.

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  1. Joanne on

    I’d like to see how others select (and sell) the ideal approach for a project to a client as it can be a challenge to communicate right at the start (or even prior to winning the project) 1. What UX is and its value and 2. the process you want to use for the project and why.

    Then this could cover
    - How others sell their process, and then specifically a chosen approach.
    - Considerations which need to be made (budget, time, client understanding, existing work invested by client etc).
    - Common obstacles and solutions people have came up with to fit certain projects.
    - How to communicate methods and techniques the client may have not heard of and why they are the most suitable.
    - How much time people dedicated to planning an approach for a project.
    - Researching and adapting others techniques (or making new ones) to fit your project.

    Ok so there’s probably several topics in there, but its a start ;o)

  2. Lammert Postma on

    The future will bring us more and more devices that are connected to the net. Currently we already see that people use multiple devices to complete one single task.

    In this light some possible topics:

    “How do we, as designers, create consistent user experiences while users seamlessly switch between devices”

    “How do we create future proof experiences that are accessible throughout these devices?”

  3. Matt on

    I would love to hear a discussion concerning improving UX in an established application. Namely, how to improve UX throughout new feature buildout without making the application inconsistent throughout its modules. Or perhaps rolling out UX enhancements across an established product one piece at a time and how to convince a PO to schedule such enhancements into a sprint.