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Ever been on one of those project teams that just lacks talent. You are pretty aware of what is going on, but the people around you are clueless. You find yourself asking, “How is it possible for the project to progress from here with this type of team?”. Well fear not, progress can still be made, and you can still get better, even when those around you falter.

I have played on many sports teams, some good, some not so good. Early on I learned some very important lessons regarding my team. I learned that in order to stay progressive I needed to look internally for the external growth I wanted. I also learned that in order to stay positive, I needed to remember why I was playing that sport to begin with, remember the goals I had set for myself in that sport, and always stay focused on meeting those goals. Sounds selfish? Well… it is.

However, once I started to do this I realized that several things happened. First, because I was no longer focused negatively on my team, I was able to be more at peace with my situation. I couldn’t change the team, I could only change me. My new found focus allowed me to stay positive, as well as to progress into a better athlete.

Second, my team did become more progressive overall due to the increase in my progress. Sure it wasn’t the ideal state, but it was much better than we had been before.

Thus, next time you are on a project team such as this and unable to escape, move your energy inward and focus on how to get better despite the circumstances. You’ll be surprised just how much better things will get.

Elisabeth Hubert

Lis is a UX & Strategy Consultant making her way around NYC and beyond. She also is the Chief Experience Officer at 8coupons. You can follow her on Twitter via @lishubert.

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