Win a Designer’s Toolkit: Quantify the Value of UX Design

What is the impact you’ve made with your recent design? In this contest you can win awesome prizes by quantifying this.

As designers we often try designing ways to do things faster and making things easier for the rest of us. We hope to leave behind something that makes the world a better place. But what is the actual value of the designs we create? How much time is being saved? More importantly, what could humanity do with the extra time?

That’s what we want to find out with you. And along the way you can win an awesome prize. As inspiration Andrew Mayfield (CEO of Optimal Workshop) created a very interesting and interactive infographic exploring how to quantify the value of UX design and how it’s making the world a better place.

The contest

We know what the most important thing of a contest is: meeting new friends. No, just kidding. You want to know what you can win. Well, we’ve got an awesome prize for you. The winner of the contest gets The Optimal Designer’s Toolkit from Optimal Workshop.- the absolutely best set of tools, training and inspiration ever bundled together for World Usability Day 2012.

How to win

Tweet your best ideas on how you would help people save time with a good UX design. You must also follow @johnnyholland and add the hashtag #uxsavestime to the tweet. At the end of the contest period (which ends on November 10th) we will decide what tweet was the most original. You can tweet as often as you want, just make sure it is very creative, smart and good.

Example: “Delete form fields that are not needed for the proces #uxsavestime”

Competition closes November 10th 2012.

Have fun.

Johnny Holland

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