About Johnny

It’s all about interaction

Johnny loves interaction.
Johnny loves creativity.
Johnny loves sharing. And Johnny loves you. 

Johnny is an open collective talking, sharing and finding answers about all aspects of interaction design. It’s about you, me, us.

Johnny’s mission

All the bullets below are related to the focus of Johnny: all aspects of interaction design.

  • Establish an open collective where people can share their thoughts and insights in an open and honest way;
  • Be the complete and main source of knowledge for both professionals and students;
  • Bridge the gap between different disciplines and fields, such as interaction design, user experience design, architecture, ethnography;
  • Being a platform where new talents can be heard;
  • Bring an international group of creatives together;
  • Stimulate people their curiosity and the talent to ask ‘Why?’;
  • Make people love each other more;
  • Further develop the field, by doing all of the above.

Organic growth

Johnny originates from the need to have a place where creatives can talk and discuss in a normal, honest and pure way.  A place where they can focus and learn about the issue that’s really important: interaction (in the broadest sense of the word). It’s a place where we can get inspired, dare to make mistakes and are able to feel enlighted. This place is an ideal we try to accomplish and need to fight for. It’s impossible to gain it immediately and thus the way Johnny has to present itself has to grow and change organically. At first we start with an online magazine where creatives can share their thoughts, but time will tell what’s the best format. Maybe Johnny has to be a daily event, maybe a new ice cream flavor.

In order to be successful Johnny has to stay close to his believes: the heart of Johnny. This will be the core from where all decisions will take place. If a move doesn’t match it’s not a good move… or maybe it’s a sign that Johnny has to grow. Time will tell.

It’s all about interaction

All Johnny talks about is focused on one aspect: interaction. He believes that this is the most important part in communication. Instead of focusing on the means by which we communicate we have to think of cause and effect. Interaction is often left out or hasn’t been thought through by companies and people. Johnny doesn’t claim he has all the answers, but he does have a lot of questions.

The heart of Johnny

Johnny is the means through which we communicate, with respect for his character. All articles we write have to be in line with this character.

He is a friend we can trust. Somebody who will always say what he thinks, while respecting everybody. He isn’t arrogant, but knows what he’s worth. He will never brag about anything or be aggressive, merely honoust. Because of this Johnny is somebody who will never shout; he doesn’t use exclamation marks or popular language. He is the type who will help somebody because it feels good. He just loves interaction, and everybody around him.