Designing with Intent—Dan Lockton

Dan Lockton talks about his Design with Intent toolkit.

Interaction Conference

Founded in 2008, the Interaction Design Association Conference brings together practitioners interested in all things around interaction design. Interaction 12 took place in Dublin, Ireland on 1–4 2012. Interactions 13 is set to take place in February 2013 in Toronto.

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Dan Lockton (Brunel University) talking at London IA about his Design with Intent toolkit, a set of design patterns for influencing behavior, which can be used as a brainstorming tool for designers and other stakeholders.

Duration: 44 minutes

Dan Lockton
Design with Intent toolkit
London IA

[He's also doing a workshop shortly at Interactions12 in Dublin]

Martin Polley

Martin is an interaction designer and technical writer working at Intel in Haifa, Israel. Johnny TV dude.

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