Introducing Radio Johnny

Welcome to Radio Johnny, our interaction design podcast. Every other week we’ll broadcast a show where great people will share their thoughts with us regarding.

What can I expect?

In line with Johnny Holland Magazine and TV: we have an open format. We’ll do anything in this show, as long as it’s interesting for the community. This could be an interview with one person, round table discussions and presentations. You can expect us to talk to big names in the industry like Jon Kolko and Louis Rosenfeld, new talents, but also people from different fields.

Ideas for a show?

Want to hear more about design theory? Interested in a semantic discussion about interaction design? Or do you think you have something interesting to share? We are always open for good suggestions. Radio Johnny is not just for us, but for the entire community. Let us hear what you want.

Listen to Radio Johnny

Follow our shows via iTunes or check all the shows we ‘aired’ via this website.

Image credits: aloshbennett