Fam Mirza Faces Design Challenges and Global Issues via Engaging Stories and Simplicity

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Today on Radio Johnny Jeff Parks talks with Fam Mirza, Founder & Executive Creative Director of Mirza Minds. Fam Mirza has had his work in the Superbowl halftime show, and national TV, in addition to working with several artists in the music industry formulating event concepts & marketing strategies; most recently with Sean P. Diddy Combs. Fam Mirza shares his insights about the importance of simplicity in the creation of successful events and experiences through engaging stories – including the 1 Face Watch – an initiative designed to promote awareness and raise funds to help solve health and environmental issues the world over.


“It’s interesting to see in such an advanced age simplicity is still key. Not only in product designs, event concepts but also in user interfaces because no matter how advanced our society gets, the user will always want a fully functional and easy to use product – that’s just human nature.”

“Marshall Ganz is a professor at Harvard and he was also responsible for putting together the organizational model for President Obama’s 2008 Presidential campaign…his storytelling method uses the story of ‘us’, the story of ‘self’ and the story of ‘now’ to tell a story and create change. It provokes the listener to take action!”

“A product is a product but once you put a story behind it now it’s more than a product. The story is the bridge that you can use to connect with the consumer and that should be the goal of any organization right now – to socialize a product.”

“The 1 Face Project is a mirror face watch – so you can see your face in it – the mission statement behind it is: ‘Changing the world – one face at a time!’ Each colour of the watch represents a different cause. The black is for Cancer. The white is for Poverty. The clear is for Water. The blue is for Climate Change. The red is for Heart Disease. The pink is for Breast Cancer. The proceeds go to their respective charities to create change in the world.”


* 1 Face Watch
* Mirza Minds design agency
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Jeff Parks

Jeff is the co-founder of DIGIA UX Inc. and actively collaborates with industry professionals from around the world through his involvement with Boxes and Arrows and Johnny Holland. Jeff is also leading workshops on Information Architecture and User Experience Design over at Follow the UX Leader, in addition to volunteering his time as a Mentor and Member of the Board of Directors for the Information Architecture Institute.

4 comments on this article

  1. Sierra Janniese Ashley on

    I love the idea of a product that is solely based on supporting different causes that effect our every day lives. The concept of the product warms my heart and makes me want to buy this product because there are a lot of foundations that many people are bamboozled by, and the money given to them does not always go to the people who need it most. So, to have a product that allows you to show your support of an important cause and knowing that the profits are given to help out countries that are in need completely brings an emotional connection to anyone. This is defintiely a great way to get consumers involved in what’s going on in the world; since a lot of us do spend countless dollars on materialistic things that don’t help out other countries at all. I feel as if this product is crossing the barrier between giving a helping hand to countries in need and being a consumer who wants to help, but has no idea how to start. This is a great way to start allowing people to show how much they care for a cause while being fashionable. It makes me happy to know that someone is giving a way for every single person to show they car about something that effects us all in different ways and in different countries.

  2. Anant on

    The vision for this brand is truly inspirational. I completely agree that a product has reached it’s pinnacle once it has fully integrated with society or as Mr. Mirza states, becomes “socialized”. We all have hectic life styles in this day and age. And I for one would not like to incorporate extra products into my life unless they are unequivocally simple to use.

  3. Trevor on

    The concept of the one face brand is truly inspirational. It offers a two prong approach to supporting your favorite charity. First, you are donating money to said charity when buying this watch and secondly, you are promoting and bringing awareness about that charity to everyone who sees you wearing that watch.
    Brilliant idea.

  4. Karistian ChaVaughn Broussard on

    The idea, the concept, the simplicity of the project is pure genuis. In a time where most a trying to stay above water, for someone to start a campaign to help others is just truly admirable. People have a new way to donate, other than sending in a check. You can now display your support in such a fashionable way. All of these causes are worth donating to, some hit closer to home than others. Everyone at sometime or another has come into contact or knows of someone that is going through or recovering from some form of cancer. I truly am inspired by this idea. I can’t save the world on my own, but I can start with 1 watch 1 face. Truly amazing.