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Conference happening next year in Hong Kong in February 2012.

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Today on Radio Johnny Daniel Szuc, in his continuing series on design in Asia, speaks with Adler Looks Jorge about how he got started on User Centered Design in Hong Kong. Originally from Portugal, Adler reflects on his experiences living and working within the multi-cultural society that is Hong Kong and how interactions with people and business has provided him an opportunity to look at solving design challenges from a diversity of perspectives.


The trip to Hong Kong in 2006 made me excited about the mix of cultures, the differences and diversity and this sort of vibrance around the city. I continued my work as a design researcher at Politech University in Hong Kong and then an interesting position opened at Philips design in Hong Kong and have been there since 2007 as an Interaction Designer.

A place like [Hong Kong] is just perfect for any designer to get away from any one specific mind set and to realize there are so many different ways to see things. This is the core of my learning being in Hong Kong… the diversity along with the possibilities of meeting people… it’s a land of paradoxes where things come and go very quickly, compared to the rest of the world’s awareness of these things.

Branding is becoming recognized and seen as a very important element in any company. If designers understand the language of branding and partner with marketing they can really make a difference. This is something people recognize…design can influence product development…finding a common language where they can work together.


Adler shares his experience getting into the field of User Centered Design in Hong Kong and how the multicultural society has had a dramatic impact on broadening his approach as an Interaction Designer at Phillips Design.

Adler also discusses how critical it is for the designer to facilitate understanding of the value of design – without lecturing – to the multidisciplinary teams that make up nearly all organizations. He stresses that while this can be a frustration for many, the opportunity to be seen as a leader of ideas should take priority. Modeling this concept in the real world, Adler has been leading meetings with fellow Interaction Designers in Hong Kong to share ideas and approaches.

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Daniel Szuc

Daniel Szuc is a Principal Consultant at a Apogee Usability Asia Ltd, based in Hong Kong, and previously worked on a usability team for Telstra Australia.

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