Radio Johnny: ClickTale’s Shmuli Goldberg on In Page Analytics

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Today on Radio Johnny Jeff Parks talks with the Director of Marketing and Communications from ClickTale Web Analyics based in Israel, Shmuli Goldberg. Mr. Goldberg discusses the need for businesses to start balancing traditional quantitative analytic measures with qualitative “In Page Analytics” to find out what customers are focusing on, and interacting with, inside the pages themselves.


Any website that has a KPI, a business objective and goal, has to have quantitative information. They have to know how many visitors they are getting and how many pages their visitors are reading. We are not, in any way, trying to replace traditional web analytics…In Page Analytics will show you actual videos of customers in your web page; watching what they are looking at on the page; what they see on the form…

You have to ask what does a customer want to use my website for? What information are they trying to get? Are they trying to purchase a product..sign up on a form?

I’ve watched videos of customers on a product page, they see something they like so they push “check out”. What they don’t know is the guy who designed the website makes the “check out” go to your shopping basket and what they should have pushed was “add to cart.”


Until recently, web analytics have been focused primarily on which pages users visited with metrics such as: number of page views, visits, and page count being indicators of a web site performance. Many web site owners nowadays are shifting toward “In-Page Analytics” to find out what the customers are focusing on, and interacting with, inside the pages themselves.

Shmuli also discusses how heat maps and watching movies of site visitor behavior can provide opportunities for greater buy-in for page specific changes within multi-disciplinary teams that make up most industries today. In addition, Shmuli differentiates between minor and major conversion; notes Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to look out for; and the accountability of Web Analytic companies in general when addressing issues of privacy and security.

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Jeff Parks

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