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UX Hong Kong

Conference happening next year in Hong Kong in February 2012.

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Today on Radio Johnny Jeff Parks talks with Daniel Szuc who is organizing the first ever User Experience conference in Hong Kong. Dan shares what lead to the creation of the conference; topics that speakers Steve Baty, Janna DeVylder, Steve Portigal, Rachel Hinman, and Gerry Gaffney will be sharing; along with the benefit of immersing oneself in another culture by touring Hong Kong with all attendees.


In terms of business…people we’ve started to meet, certainly over the past couple of years, have become very interested in this term [User Experience] outside of the associations so we thought this would be a lovely way to bring this term User Experience to Asia and run it in Hong Kong…We kind of saw it as a kind of book end on the momentum that has been growing Asia, across the region.

The nice thing about Hong Kong is you do have a lot of [cultural] diversity in the city. You’ve got ex-pats working and living in Hong Kong, main land Chinese, Hong Kong Chinese, you have people that are coming from Southern China…and you’ve also got that recent history of British influence…This is a real opportunity to get a taste of Asia and to experience a little bit of a cultural immersion.

[On the second day, after presentations and workshops] We’re not doing anything formal in terms of an excursion but we’re going to plan a couple of activities, we’ll all got out together with the speakers, we’ll experience Hong Kong together; taking experience to heart.


Daniel talks about his inspiration in putting together Hong Kong’s first ever User Experience full day conference. Ideas and insights were compiled from related conferences such as UX Australia, UX London, and UX Lisbon, as well as longer running events in the area like UserFriendly which has been running in China since 2004.

Daniel also shares his experience working and living in Hong Kong and the tremendous value in immersing oneself in the culture for which you are designing. In addition, all attendees who register prior to December 31st, 2010 are eligible to win a free return ticket to Australia and a conference pass to attend UX Australia 2011.

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Jeff Parks

Jeff is the co-founder of DIGIA UX Inc. and actively collaborates with industry professionals from around the world through his involvement with Boxes and Arrows and Johnny Holland. Jeff is also leading workshops on Information Architecture and User Experience Design over at Follow the UX Leader, in addition to volunteering his time as a Mentor and Member of the Board of Directors for the Information Architecture Institute.

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