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UX Hong Kong

Conference happening next year in Hong Kong in February 2012.

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Today on Radio Johnny Daniel Szuc speaks with Lou Rosenfeld about his upcoming talk and workshop at UX Hong Kong 17 & 18 February 2012. Lou talks about how he entered UXD, his focus today around topics like the silos of user research, site search analytics and how to look at experiences holistically.

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so may silos of user research going on … put the data together … to achieve true insight … companies over spending and under delivering with their research budgets today … look at how they can put it together in new ways rather than spending more money on more siloed research …

site search analytics, what people search on your local site search engine … it bridges a bunch of different research methods … its data, analytics data on one hand … lots of it … its behavioural, but its also highly semantic and descriptive, its people asking you in their own words what they want from you and your site, its a great opportunity to study if you are delivering.

people are studying Apple more seriously … rising awareness of Service Design, its been happening anyway … more and more people are trying to figure out how to plug things together in a holistic integrated way across channels and lines of business.


Lou discusses getting more value from organisational research, site search analytics and what this means for business, holistic understanding and important skills he is seeing in younger practitioners and what he is looking forward to in Hong Kong including the famous 962 bus and his enjoyment and search of “wontons”.


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Daniel Szuc

Daniel Szuc is a Principal Consultant at a Apogee Usability Asia Ltd, based in Hong Kong, and previously worked on a usability team for Telstra Australia.

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