Radio Johnny: High-Fidelity Prototyping It’s Easier than you Think

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Today on Radio Johnny Elizabeth Thapliyal talks with Patrick Kovacich and Jill Christ about high-fidelity prototyping for quick design validation.


The tools have evolved so that you can do a high-fidelity prototype of whatever you want to build in a little more time then a paper prototype, but not a lot more time, and the results are so much better.

People get more excited about things that are experimental. It gets back to just playing with it and seeing if it might work and that captivates the developer.

You can put together a really impressive dog and pony show that you can send up the chain up to the executives, and then all of the sudden all the engineering resources that weren’t available to you become available to you because you have executive buy in.


Elizabeth leads this discussion about the numerous benefits of high-fidelity prototyping including how it can be used as an effective communication tool with developers, an executive buy-in tool with stakeholders, and an experimental tool for design teams to try out new ideas.

Patrick shares his trial and error explorations with building a prototype to mimic a desktop application that is flexible to use for ongoing usability validation and as an internal communication tool.

Show Notes

Tools mentioned in today’s conversation include:


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Elizabeth Thapliyal

Elizabeth Thapliyal is a Senior User Experience Designer for Citrix Online in Santa Barbara California, USA.

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