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Today on Radio Johnny, Daniel Szuc talks to Usability Manager of one of the top 3 computer companies in Taiwan, Yu-Hsiu Li. Yu-Hsiu shares his experience in putting together events like Ui Gathering; the challenges facing the User Experience designer when attempting to get buy-in from upper management, and describes some of the most innovative and successful brands coming from Taiwan.


[Ui Gathering] has already hosted more than 15 events! Since last year we have one event every two months. Our members are about 300 – 400 people and are coming from major brands in Taiwan. The people in the companies in Taiwan recognize the power of User Experience design.

It’s not about how you are really good at designing something. It’s about how you can set up the right agenda and have the really inspired people talk from their perspective. So when they talk to their customer they can develop a consensus quickly so the upper management can buy in what to design for their customers.

The reason I regard “facilitation” as the number one soft skill is because being a good facilitator is not easy. You need to try and get away from your own opinion and set the right agenda; even pull back when the conversation goes wrong. Leadership is also very important…how you present your idea clearly…how you can convince them [Upper Management] to trust the goal you set for your customers.

When we talk about a solution it’s not just about how you “manufacture”… but how you design the “ecosystem”.


Yu-Hsiu Li talks with Daniel Szuc about how Taiwan has become a nation whose founding companies have become global leaders innovation and experience design; not just manufacturing.

Yu-Hsiu also describes that some of the biggest challenges within the UX field in Taiwan have little to do with technology but more about learning how to facilitate conversations with the most senior people in any organization. Leadership, as characterized by Yu-Hsiu, starts with understanding the language of the business; such that User Experience professionals can better position the needs of the user, which in turn will lead to greater profits for the company.

Show Notes

Brands mentioned in this interview include:

* Quanta
* Compal
* Wistron
* Foxconn
* Inventec

Some strong brand companies in Taiwan:

* Acer
* Asus
* Ternd Micro
* Cyberlink
* D-Link

Ui Gathering Mash-up from 2005-2009

Special thanks to Kristina Mausser for agreeing to do the voice over introductions for Radio Johnny, going forward.

Daniel Szuc

Daniel Szuc is a Principal Consultant at a Apogee Usability Asia Ltd, based in Hong Kong, and previously worked on a usability team for Telstra Australia.

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