What Games Can You Play With Online Casino Bonuses?

What Games Can You Play With Online Casino Bonuses?

Did You Know? Online Casino Bonuses Are Greatly Dependent on the Types of Games Played

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Online casino bonuses are super popular among online gamers and gamblers and are an enticement to new players to come to check out a different casino than they usually play at. If you shop around at various casinos you can grab hundreds of bonuses in the process! But it pays to be a little discerning when you’re selecting a casino bonus. But Every bonus comes with some attached terms and conditions, that limits the games you are able to play.

Casino bonuses are determined by the game category chosen. It almost goes without saying that you wouldn’t expect to benefit from a no deposit bonus slot or free spin if you’re playing a table game at a live casino now, right?

What types of games are available to play using a bonus?

Usually when you are presented with a bonus at a casino, it’ll only be available for a limited amount of games. This is regardless of whether the bonus is free credits with a no deposit bonus, a match bonus, or free spins. 

For free spins, you may have a single slots title that you’re able to use your free spins on, usually a newly released game at the casino. It may also be for a handful of games, or if you’re really lucky, a wide selection of slots. You’ll be able to discover in the terms and conditions of the free spins bonus just which slots titles are on offer. 

For match bonuses, you might have a wider selection to choose from. A match bonus could be across a wide range of slots titles, all of the casino’s slots titles, and even on other games like roulette and lotteries. A match bonus is typically not available on games that are also based on skill like blackjack and poker.

For no deposit bonuses, these are generally extremely limited, with play on just one game or a handful of games and these are usually slots games.

Does the game you choose for your bonus have other T&Cs attached?

Typically, the terms and conditions of a bonus are applicable to all the games that you are able to play to grab that bonus, however there may be a few more convoluted T&Cs out there. 

For bonuses, the most important part of the T&Cs is the wagering requirement. This is a multiplier for a minimum playthrough on the game for you to be able to cash out your winnings. So, for instance, if your match bonus is $500 and your wagering requirement is 40X, then you will need to spend $20,000 in credits playing that game before you can cash out winnings! 

What this means is that you want that wagering requirement to be as small as possible. If you are wondering, yes, there are online casinos out there that have no wagering requirements – although their other terms and conditions may be a bit more strict.

 Do you still have to register for no deposit and free spins bonuses?

Yes, you will still need to register at the casino if you want to grab a no deposit bonus. Even though you don’t need to transfer any money, you still need to go through the registration process. This is because casinos are required by law to follow various Know Your Customer rules and regulations to make sure that people are who they say they are and for safer gambling. This positive identification process can help identify cases like suspected money laundering as well as gamblers who are at risk.

Sometimes to approve the registration it will take a few days for it to process, so that mean that if you’re looking to use your bonus straight away, you’re fresh out of luck.

Are casino bonuses worth it?

After reading all this you may be thinking “Is it even worth it to claim a bonus then, if there are all these rules attached?” The answer is yes – you just need to be discerning when selecting the bonus and the casino. Check the wagering requirement, the registration process (and whether the casino itself is registered while you’re at it), the games that you’re able to use the bonus on, and if there is a specific time limit for when you’ll need to use that bonus. 

It can be helpful to draw up a spreadsheet yourself to compare between casinos and bonuses, and some casinos even have multiple different bonuses to choose from) to see what’s best. Armed with the right information you can choose your best picks from your list and get to playing – and hopefully make a win!

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