5 Things to Know Before Traveling in a RV

5 Things to Know Before Traveling in a RV

61% of Americans say they want to go traveling in a RV in 2023. That’s a marked increase from the 41% who said so in 2022. Crossing the United States in an RV sounds like an amazing experience.

But wait a minute – before you rush off to drive cross-country, you must remember using an RV is more complicated than going to your destination. Here are five things you need to know about RV travel.

1. You Can Get Poop On Your Shoes

If your RV has a bathroom on board, you must empty the waste compartment. You must ensure your waste valve is closed when not draining the wastewater.

The waste valve is where all the pipes inside your RV meet to expel black and gray water. Black and gray can splatter over you and your shoes because an open waste valve allows water to leave the tank.

Read your RV manual for instructions on how to handle the tanks. You can also find helpful videos online on how to empty the tanks without issue.

2. Make a Camping List in Advance

The nice thing about traveling in a RV is it’s a home away from home. That also makes it quite challenging to pack for. There are a lot of items you probably take for granted during daily life.

Here’s a complete list of camping supplies to make your trip comfortable. Make sure you take inventory of your items before you set out on the road.

3. Take a Tool Kit

Anything from faulty cabinet shelves to a loose side view mirror can cause issues down the road. You don’t want to be caught off guard and scrambling to the nearest store because you forgot the tiny screwdriver.

The worst case scenario is if you’re in dire need of a small but vital repair in the middle of the woods. Use a tool kit to handle maintenance as quickly as possible.

4. Use Your Roof Vent During Showers

Showering in an RV is a little different from doing it at home. One thing to always remember is to run your roof vent fan when you shower in your RV. When you’re done, leave it on for an extra 20 minutes.

Your shower will moisten the air, creating moisture and mold issues later. It’s best to avoid this as much as possible.

5. Buying an RV You Might Not Like

There’s nothing wrong with buying an RV. But you should know if you genuinely like an item before purchasing something outright. This is a minor reason many people opt to rent first.

Renting is an excellent way to see what you want before buying an RV. Companies like RVnGo allow customers to rent RVs for their road trips. You can find out more about them by visiting their website.

Want to Go Traveling in a RV?

Traveling in a RV is a fantastic way to journey at your own pace. But there are a few things you need to know about RT travel before you set out. Make sure you plan your inventory well and get a tool kit.

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