Van Dwelling: Everything to Know Before Starting

Van Dwelling: Everything to Know Before Starting

Van Dwelling: Everything to Know Before Starting

Housing prices are still rising in the United States of America, and more people than ever are looking for affordable and enjoyable ways to live. More than 140,000 people in the U.S. have taken to van dwelling since it offers an unparalleled way to see the country and live in nature. Living the van life is trickier than simply shopping to buy a van.

If you plan on making this your new way of life, then you need to dive into your needs, wants, and dreams for your camper van. You’ll have minimal space and everything, but the bare essentials will stay behind when you hit the road.

The good news is that you’ve found the right guide to learning about the different types of vans and the steps to take to prepare for living in a sprinter van. Keep reading this article to learn more today!

Choose a Suitable Vehicle

The most important part of preparing for van dwelling is to find a camper van that meets all your needs. This van is much more than a vehicle; it’s your new home for the foreseeable future. You must have the space you need for your essential belongings and enough room to live and sleep comfortably.

You also need to know where you plan on camping. Some people who live in RVs are happy to stay in RV parks and pay the nightly camping fee to enjoy greater convenience. You can get away with a camper van with less off-road ability if that’s your plan for living the van life.

If you plan to camp in nature, you’ll want a sprinter van with 4×4 capabilities and all-terrain tires. A camper van with those abilities will take you deep into the wilderness so you can enjoy more of nature’s beauty. This also opens the door to free camping so that you can save more money!

Some modern sprinter van configurations offer an outstanding balance between stealth and capability. The vintage Volkswagen vans look amazing but lack conveniences that could take a toll on your patient. You’ll also find plenty of US-made Dodge and Chevrolet camper vans from the 80s that provide tons of space and comfort.

Figure Out Finances

You’ll also want to figure out your finances before you hit the road, as gas prices are rising. Many people who live van life work remotely, though it’s also feasible to work seasonal jobs during the summer to sustain your nomadic lifestyle. You’ll certainly spend less money living in a sprinter van, but you still need some cash.

If you’re already working online, you’re set to hit the road. Investing in an internet hotspot so you can work without heading into town to work from a local cafe is advisable. Starlink is an excellent option if you can fit it into your budget.

Know Your Sleeping Situation

Van dwelling will only be enjoyable if you know where to sleep each night. Most people who live in a sprinter van do so by creating a bed within the van itself. It’s a great option since it offers greater protection from the elements, nature, and unwanted visitors.

You should also consider getting a sprinter van since they’re stealthier compared to other types of vans. You’ll have an easier time camping in urban settings without drawing unwanted attention to yourself. You can look here for more options for camper vans to start your new journey.

Determine How You’ll Wash

The expensive camper van setups have outdoor showers with water heaters built-in. It’s a great way to maintain your hygiene when you’re out on the road, but it’s not always feasible, depending on your budget. Many people who live the van life stay clean by getting gym memberships at major gym chains.

A gym membership grants you access to showering facilities so you can stay clean after days of hiking and camping out in the pines. You can also use nature’s water by bathing in lakes and rivers, though it’s best to use soap and shampoo that isn’t harmful to the environment.

Have a Plan

Having a loose plan is a wonderful way to start van dwelling. You don’t want to have a hard outline of your plans, but it’s much less stressful if you have a decent idea of the places you want to see and experience. It’s tricky finding a balance between enjoying somewhere you love and overstaying your welcome.

Many full-time van lifers find activities they can do in and around camp to add to their experience and happiness. Learning a new instrument or reading a book in a hammock is a perfect way to stay busy while getting away from reality.

Plan for Breaks

Full-time van living is exhausting, so you need to build some breaks into your new lifestyle. Find cheap camping resorts where you can enjoy some stability, and don’t be afraid to visit friends and family members when you’re out on the road. Taking this step will keep you from getting burnt out, and it will allow you to maintain close relationships with friends and family members.

Your support network will keep you sane after many nights alone in your sprinter van. Don’t be afraid to forge friendships with other campers and van dwellers when you’re out on the road. It’s the best way to ward off loneliness while learning about fun events in the area where you can go for social interaction.

Start Your Van Dwelling Adventure Today

Starting your van dwelling adventure is an unforgettable way to save money while seeing more of the world, but you need to know what you’re doing before you hit the road. Explore your different sprinter van options to find the right choice for your situation and find a solution to meet your financial needs. You should also plan for breaks to maintain your relationships with friends and family.

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