Understanding IA

Peter Morville takes us on a journey, Prezi-style, through that mysterious thing known as IA.

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There’s been a bit of discussion recently about IA. OK, there’s always discussion about IA, but Elisabeth Hubert’s post on how IA is getting lost in a wireframe-first UX culture got a lot of traffic on twitter.

So, Peter Morville’s Prezei on understanding IA is timely.

Still a saddening lack of dinosaurs though.

Vicky Teinaki

An England-based Kiwi, Vicky is doing a PhD at Northumbria University into how designers can better talk about touch and products. When not researching or keeping Johnny Holland running, she does the odd bit of web development, pretends her TV licence money goes only to Steven Moffatt shows, and tweets prolifically about all of the above as @vickytnz.

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