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Today on Radio Johnny Elizabeth Thapliyal talks with Miriam Melo, Amber Brown, and Jill Christ about using Social Media to recruit for UX Research Studies. These three women share how Social Media has revolutionized the recruiting process for usability studies, and bought them closer to their customers. They also share the importance reaching out to your customers, giving them a voice, and how they can influence the product development process.


Recruiting is not a topic that is covered at very many UX conferences, events, or in the literature that is available out there. It’s really great for us to come together and have these conversations, and share knowledge with each other and learn…

Social media is a really good outlet for recruiting and getting customers to come in the door and participate in usability studies wither it’s in house or remote, but it’s also a good way for everyone in the organization to get in touch with their customers.

No matter what part of the organization you come from, anyone can benefit from learning how to reach out to customers…It’s awesome to have conversations with people, and put faces to a company name…People wouldn’t expect the people who are actually improving the product, and working with the engineers to reach out to them…It makes them feel like they have a voice…


In this podcast, Miriam, Amber, and Jill discuss how Social Media has transformed how they find and recruit participants for usability studies. By using tools such as Twitter, LinkedIn, or, recruiting suddenly has become much more engaging, fun, and efficient. No longer is recruiting limited to sending out mass emails, or making cold calls. Now recruiting is about engaging in an ongoing dialog with your users through Social Media. It is about finding the conversations that users are already having about your products, and showing them that they have a voice in your organization.

Miriam, Amber, and Jill also discuss the importance of having direct contact with your customers, no matter where you are in your organization. They talk about how easy it is to reach out to them using Social Media, and offer tips, tricks, and best practices that anyone can use to reach out to customers.

Show Notes

Tools mentioned in today’s conversation include:

Meet-Up online community allowing people to connect in person.
Tweet Deck is a real-time browser, connecting you with contacts across Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Foursquare, and others.

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Elizabeth Thapliyal

Elizabeth Thapliyal is a Senior User Experience Designer for Citrix Online in Santa Barbara California, USA.

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