Are Pittsburgh Tools Any Good? What You Should Know About Pittsburgh Tools

Are Pittsburgh Tools Any Good? What You Should Know About Pittsburgh Tools

Pittsburgh tools are becoming very popular today because of their uniqueness, but several people still think they are not as helpful as they claim to be. These are new product lines manufactured and introduced by Harbor Freight, a company that is quite notorious for making quality high-end tools. The company claims that Pittsburgh tools are quality tools offered at meager prices. The tools include wrenches, ratchets, and many automotive hand tools that can deliver in diverse ways. 

Are Pittsburgh Tools Any Good?

Yes, Pittsburgh tools are high-end quality tools that provide excellent value for money. They are made of durable quality steel materials, and they come in collections; hence they are helpful in many ways. 

What Are The Best Pittsburgh Tools In The Market?

There are a wide range of series of Pittsburgh tools in the market today, and the top three most prominent ones are;

  • Pittsburgh 130-piece Tool Kit with case
  • Pittsburgh Automotive 3 Ton Heavy Duty Steel Floor Jack, and
  • Pittsburgh Stubby 8 oz. Ball Pein Hammer 

Pittsburgh 130-piece Tool Kit with the case is one of the most popular Pittsburgh tools around. It offers 130 different kinds of tools for various purposes.  These tools will cover almost every job in homes, offices, and automotive repairs.

The tools include hammers, wrenches, socket sets, pliers, driver bits, cutters, utility knives, screwdriver, precision screwdrivers, anchors, hex wrench, and fasteners.

Most of the tools you will find here do come in various measures, making it easier to find one that will meet your needs. With the case and inner arrangement system, your tools will remain well-organized for easy retrieval. 

You will like the convenient carrying case, quality tools, and moderate price. You will also appreciate the wide range of available tools and the fact that you can send this package as a gift. On the other hand, you may not like that the box doesn’t hold the tools very tight. 

Pittsburgh Automotive 3 Ton Heavy Duty Steel Floor Jack is as famous as any other Pittsburgh tool out there. This package is ideal for particular jobs such as lifting heavy materials in your workshop. This tool can lift weights of up to 6000 lbs. though it only weighs about 78 lbs. 

In addition to lifting to 6000 lbs. weight, this tool can also raise devices with heights ranging from 3 to 19 inches. 

The tool is constructed with super-tough materials. It is welded and exceptionally finished, add to its robust and powerful handling. The device is built to support professional automobile technicians, and with the wide steel casters, the tool’s stability is guaranteed. 

The ease of usage of this tool is perhaps its best feature. It has an ultra-low design that makes it easy to place the device under any vehicle you will work with. The tool also comes with a rapid pump system that adds to its ease of usage. With its dual-parallel pumping system, you will need much less pumping to create more lifts. This tool will surely save your energy and time.

Some of the things you will appreciate most about this tool are; the rugged construction and more value for your investment. You will also appreciate the fact that the tool can go under any vehicle and that you can use it for a very long time. 

This tool may appear like a costly one, but you can afford it. It offers much more value than its cost. 

Pittsburgh Stubby Ball Pein Hammer is another tool you may want to check out. It weighs just 8 oz. but performs much more than its weight. 

This is a short-handed hammer tool that you can use mainly for craftworks, jewelry works, and many other light duties. It has a heat-treated steelhead that is also drop-forged, one end has a flat face, and the other has a round face, thus making it versatile for different applications. 

The 6.5″ long hammer has a short fiberglass handle with very high impact vibration absorbing qualities. By reducing vibration, this hammer will allow better handling. The handle is also protected by a non-slip rubber plus a soft cushion, thus making it very comfortable even when applying massive force at usage. 

Kids and adults can use the lightweight hammer for lighter projects. If you have a toolbox with space for a small hammer, you should go for this tool. You will like the fact that this hammer works in difficult-to-reach places. Unfortunately, this hammer is not designed to handle tough jobs. 

It would be best to store this tool in a cool, dry place, even though it is designed to withstand moisture and other environmental factors. 

Other Pittsburgh Tools You Should Consider

Pittsburgh 3-piece Flex Head Stubby Ratchets can be very useful, especially in the difficult to reach places. The 3-piece hex head ratchet comes in sizes ¼”, 3/8″, and ½.” Each ratchet head can move at an angle of 90 degrees in any direction, thus making it easier to work at any angle. 

The head of each ratchet is also attached to a 7-position angle, and each handle measures about 4″ in length.  With this design, you can easily reach difficult places and get your jobs done without much stress. 

The three ratchets in this pack are made of solid and durable Chrome Vanadium steel, and this material makes them high-quality and long-lasting. You may have with these tools that they may sometimes slip, even though the case is rare. 

The 6-piece Star Bit Screwdriver set with magnetic tips is another Pittsburgh tool you should consider. With six different types of screwdrivers, you can handle just different kinds of jobs efficiently. The bit sizes are T10, T15, T20, T27, and T30. The tip of the screwdrivers is magnetized to provide extra flexibility and control. 

With easy control of these tools, it will be complicated to lose a screw. You can also notice that the handles of the bit screws are slightly oversized and fluted; this is a deliberate design to ensure a firm grip and easy control of the screwdrivers. Keep in mind that the bit sizes are not labeled on the screwdrivers; hence you have to figure that out yourself by considering the sizes. 

Pittsburgh 1816 Test Probe Set is a collection of tools for circuit probing. You can use these tools in removing O-rings; hence you should keep a set of these tools in your garage. 

There are five different types of probes inside the package. Besides using the tools for probing and removing O-rings, you can also use these probes to retrieve washers and small items you may accidentally drop in tight places, especially when working on engines. 

These probes are designed with stainless steel, which guarantees their durability. They come with some sharp tips at the edges to make handling tasks a lot quicker and easier. The tuber point protectors at the points also add to the tools’ durability. 

The professional 301 Piece Mechanic Tool Kit SAE and Metric is an ultimate collection of various tools for different purposes. This tool has a collection of SAE, metric, spark plug sockets, breaker bars, square, star, universal joint adapters, ratchets, extensions, pliers, wrenches, and many more. 

All the tools in this package come in different sizes, and you will find everything you need if you are starting as a professional mechanic. 

You will also be pleased to know that all the tools in this package are made of a rugged chrome vanadium steel construction. With this material construction, your tools will remain durable for years. 

The package is a box that is also durable and also keeps all tools organized. It also comes with a handle that makes it easier to carry around. The 301 tools are enormous enough to complete as many projects as you can in the automotive workshop. 

The main issue here is that this product is quite costly; hence not every beginner mechanic will afford it. 

Other Pittsburgh tools worth mentioning include; the 36-piece 3/8″ steel letter and number stamping set and Pittsburgh pro 239 Professional Drive Click Stop. 


With all the descriptions of Pittsburgh tools above, it is evident that these tools are very useful; hence they are not a waste. Though they offer greater versatility and precision, you still need to note their maintenance recommendations from the manufacturer. 

Pittsburgh tools are available in many countries globally, and they are also shipped to places where they are not found. Contrary to opinions that Pittsburgh tools don’t last, we have seen many such tools lasting for decades. It is better to purchase Pittsburgh tools that come in different sizes of tools for diverse applications. Unfortunately, many of these tools are not labeled; you will have to figure out the dimensions of these tools yourself.

Just like when choosing any other tool, you must consider your needs before settling for Pittsburgh tools so as to avoid settling for the wrong tools.

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