7 Crazy Ideas on How To Make Someone Life Miserable Legally

7 Crazy Ideas on How To Make Someone Life Miserable Legally

Have you been deeply hurt by someone? Now, you’re thinking of repaying the person by making their life miserable in a legal way. 

Well, sometimes, it’s better to let go and move on. You have to forgive and forget whatever someone has done to you.  

But if you feel revenge would help you heal faster, think of doing it legally. 

When you do such things legally, you would have a chance of living your life in peace. By doing it legally, you’re getting the government involved. So, automatically, your problem becomes the government’s problem. 

However, forgiveness is still the best option. When you forgive an offender and move on, the issue dies a natural death. You’ll not be creating any further cracks in your relationship with the person. 

However, if you choose to make the person’s life miserable, you may never be friends with them once the truth comes out. 

Alright, if you have weighed your options and feel you still want to make someone’s life miserable legally, here are some easy ways to get it done. 

How You Can Make People’s Life Miserable Legally

Here are the different ways you can make someone’s life a living hell, legally.

1. Show up at the person’s office occasionally

If you want to make someone’s life miserable, visit them at the office and put on an act. Request to see them in person when you get there. You can even claim that you’re their brother. And, be ready to be a good actor or actress when you finally meet them. 

During the conversation, do not speak quietly. Raise your voice to get the attention of the other employees at the office. Additionally, you can even say how horrible the person’s behavior is to hearing everyone in the office. 

Even if the person tries to apologize or make you talk calmly, don’t accept. Raise your voice to draw people’s attention. 

Finally, when leaving the office, reveal more deep secrete about the person. You can even mention how bad he treats his or her kids and more about the person’s secret life if you have a clue.

A Handy Tip:  Make concrete plans to visit the office every week or once per month. But, if you noticed they have already recognized you, activate plan B. The plan B is to get someone to take your place. And that person should be ready to put on a show as you did. 

If you keep up this act, it won’t be long before the person resigns from the job. Or, they might request a transfer to another branch of the company. 

2. Report the case to the police:

Please, don’t ever take matters into your own hands. If you believe someone has violated your right, inform the police about it. 

Don’t confront anyone violently. If you do, then you’ll be making a big mistake. Instead, report the matter to the police. But before you get on with that, you should try to gather some proof. With that, you can send the person away (to jail) for a very long time. 

To get enough evidence, you can get the person’s confession recorded. Get them to admit to the crime they committed. You can use your mobile device to record their confession, but ensure the person doesn’t find out. If someone knows you’re trying to get their confession, they won’t reveal anything that will incriminate them.

If it’s a case of rape or assault, don’t hesitate to get the police involved. You should also be open. Let people in the neighborhood know what you’re dealing with. Why? They might be your witnesses when the matter gets to court. 

 A Handy Tip: Your quest for revenge shouldn’t force you to frame someone up. If you do, you’ll be the one regretting it. If you want to punish someone, let it be legal. Your punishment should also make sense. And you shouldn’t feel hurt by it. 

3. Report the person’s illegal acts to the authorities:

There’s no better way to make someone’s life miserable than to have them locked up in prison. So, if you want to make any person’s life a living hell, report their illegal activities to the authorities. 

Now, how can you figure out someone’s illegal act? You have to be friends with the person. But if you can’t get close to the person, build a good relationship with someone else who does. 

If you have started having a good rapport with the person, start investigating your target secretly. Once you have enough evidence to nail them, inform the police to carry out a raid. 

It could that be the person has an illegal cannabis farm in their back yard, sells drugs, or do all manner of illegal stuff. 

A Handy Tip: If you’re planning to report a deadly gang, ensure you have a proper plan to cover your tracks. If they know you snitched on them, you could be in serious trouble. 

4. Bully them with consistent criticism:

If you think words don’t have power or influence on a person, you’re wrong. The things you say to people can lift or bring them down. So, don’t joke with the words that come out of your mouth. They’re powerful and can bring anybody down. 

Now here’s how this one goes. If you plan to make someone’s life a living hell, make it a habit to criticize the person. Call, text, email, and send them gift cards. 

When you call, tell the person how horrible they are. It would help if you also did the same when you text and in the gift card.

However, to spice things up, and ensure it has a more significant impact, get your hands on information about the person’s past. It should be something that hurts whenever they remember it. 

Be the one to remind them of that ugly past and how miserable and useless they are on planet earth. You have to come up with words you know would bring the person down mentally. 

Additionally, to make the person’s life more miserable, you can gather a team of friends to call at different intervals. Please don’t do it alone, as the person might block your calls and text messages. 

There’s no way you would get on with this for a month or more and not make someone’s life miserable. You can even get the neighbors involved, so the person you’re targeting won’t have peace anywhere. 

A Handy Tip: You can amplify the person’s misery by calling and sending them horrible messages at night. But please, there should be no threats. Furthermore, do it at odd hours in the night. You can also visit them and hit their door very hard, so they can wake up from their sleep. 

If the person doesn’t get enough sleep in a month or two, you can bet that their life would become miserable. 

Additionally, you can reach out to the person’s family members, friends, colleagues, and neighbors. Tell them how horrible the person is. 

5. Publish the person’s phone number on diverse online communities:

An easy way to punish someone is to paste their phone numbers on various communities. Then write that they are looking for a partner, even though the person is married. But, please, think things through before doing this. Why? It can destroy the person’s relationship or marriage. 

So, if you only want the person to be miserable and not divorced, don’t attach such descriptions to their names. Or, better still, you can write that they’re looking for a nanny or house help. 

You can publish the person’s details on Craigslist, Facebook, Quora, and other social media platforms with a large user base. Publish all the phone numbers they have. 

A Handy Tip: Don’t forget to attach the person’s address and phone number to the various online communities. But please, don’t blow your cover. Otherwise, the person might come for you.

It would help if you also made the descriptions you put on the platforms appear natural and convincing. And if you like, you can use different descriptions on each platform. 

For example, if you wrote that the person is looking for a nanny on Facebook, mention that they are looking for a partner in another community, and so on.  

6. Sign the person up to free subscriptions:

If you want to make someone’s life miserable, get them signed up to random catalogs, and embarrassing magazines. Imagine getting at least ten pamphlets, brochures, and booklets on several things. It will surely get someone pissed out. 

Additionally, sending someone literature about things they don’t like can get them angry and miserable. So, focus on doing that. Bombard the person’s mailbox with religious literature, anti-drug literature, and so on. 

Receiving things you didn’t sign-up for can trouble anyone’s mind. If that person has a roommate, watch out – an argument might erupt between both of them soon. 

7. Get their device infected with a virus:

Have you ever had malware in your computer system or mobile device? It could cause your device to start malfunctioning. 

So, this is for the tech-savvy who can create a virus and ensure a target’s computer gets infected. However, if you’re not a techie, you can get someone to help. They might only demand a small fee to create one. 

Getting someone’s device infected with ransomware is another way to make a person’s life miserable. They would not be able to access the document unless the requested amount gets paid. 

Furthermore, if money isn’t the problem, you can request a higher fee that the person can’t pay. 

The only way to reclaim a computer from ransomware is by formatting it. But then, when you’re through, you would have wiped all your documents off.  


So there you have it; tips on how you can make a person’s life miserable legally. When we say legally, we mean without breaking the law or getting yourself into trouble with the police. 

You’re not breaking any law by signing someone to free subscriptions. The target won’t even know you’re the one that did it, let alone call the cops on you. 

However, we would like to maintain that forgiveness is the best option. If someone offends you, find a way in your heart to forgive them and move on. You might hurt yourself emotionally by trying to make a person’s life miserable. Think about it.

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