What Truckers See In Cars- Things You Think Truckers Don’t See But They Do See In Your Car

What Truckers See In Cars- Things You Think Truckers Don’t See But They Do See In Your Car

Truckers always sit at a certain height that will give them a straight-down down view into your car. Regardless of whether they want to see the inside of the vehicle or not, certain things are not hidden from them, even when the car owners think otherwise. For this reason, you should keep in mind that whatever item you feel it’s safe from view in the privacy of your car can still be visible to a trucker. You may want to try to act as a trucker yourself and see how well you can conceal things inside your car.

So What Can Truckers See Inside Cars?

Truckers can see the rare end of the interior of your car. They can also see the entire front region, including the top of the bonnet and the bottom of the back car seat. 

Five Things You Probably Don’t Know About Truckers

There are so many things you probably don’t know about truckers except that they drive trucks for long hours;

1. There are Lots of Truckers Around

Perhaps one thing you are not aware of is that more than 15% of American workers are employed in the trucking industry, even though you see hundreds of them daily. Of this population, more than 3 million are truck drivers. There are also regional and cross-country truckers who significantly impact the nation’s economy, especially with the delivery of different products. The trucking industry is not talked about much, but it is of great importance. 

2. Truckers are Paid by the Mile

Unlike most people paid per hour, truckers get paid by the miles they cover. The long-haul truckers are expected to cover about 3,000 miles per week, on average. Keep in mind that these truckers are only allowed to drive for about 70 hours in a week or eight days period. You also need to consider traffic jams, slowdowns, and other traffic issues they face on the roads. 

The pay for truckers can be unpredictable, and their jobs can become very stressful. They are also given enough time to take care of their health, to reduce the risks of breakdown and accidents. Some truckers even make things difficult by trying to cover for lost mileages to increase their financial returns. 

3. They Hate Bright Lights

Though truckers can see many things in your car, flashing bright lights at them can irritate them. Smaller car drivers may think that truckers are above the line of full bright lights since truckers are taller. This popular belief is a misconception; it can be even more dangerous for smaller car drivers when they beam bright lights at truckers. For your safety, you should dim your lights when driving in the opposite direction to a trucker. 

4. They See You Clearly

Truckers have many stories of what they see inside other cars. Some have reported women drivers breastfeeding infants while driving. Some truckers have also reported specific drivers making out inside their cars while they operate from the opposite direction. Truckers sit at a height that gives them a straight-down view advantage, and they can look straight down and see the interior of your car even as they drive speedily past you. 

5. Truck Drivers are Quite Tough with Driving. 

To some people, truck driving may be fun and adventurous, but these people face many challenges that have made them develop certain traits. Truckers have features that make them different in several ways from the rest of us. 

Truckers do plan each trip based on the challenges and obstacles they expect on their way. Truckers have to navigate through dangerous situations, harsh weather conditions, and loneliness and still find adventures on high routes. For these reasons, truckers have developed mind-sets to help them cope with different situations. 

What Are The Secrets Of Truck Drivers?

The following secrets of truck drivers are unknown to so many people, and they include the following;

1. There is Always Shortage of Qualified Truckers

Out of every ten truckers employed a year, it is believed that eight at least wouldn’t be around to work the following year. Many people get into trucking because they think they can make quick money, and trucking business owners’ prey on them and churn them out as they come. This notion could be one reason why there is a shortage of qualified truckers. 

2. Truck Engines are programmed; hence they Can’t Speed.

Another secret most truckers will keep from people is that their trucks have been programmed at certain speed limits. Don’t blame a trucker when driving behind them, as most have been programmed not to exceed 70mph. This limit is programmed at the truck’s engine computer system, thus making it impossible for the trucker to go faster.

3. Truckers Communicate with Their Blinkers

Not all truckers have Blinkers, but truckers might still have to send messages to others on the road, and they can use their headlights for this. A trucker will turn the headlights off a couple of times when someone drives past to tell them they are all cleared. 

4. Picking Up A Stranger Can Get a Trucker Fired

Don’t be angry when you are stranded, and a trucker refuses to help, and they are just exercising precaution and protecting their jobs. A trucker traveling with a partner must have arranged with the company for insurance adjustments for two people in a long journey.

On the other hand, a driver cannot pick up a hitchhiker who is not covered under the driver’s insurance. Truck companies have a camera on the vehicle dash where one lens points out and the other points to the cab. If a trucker hits a bump, the camera can take a picture and send it to the company. If a company discovers an extra passenger inside the video sent by a camera, then the driver might be fired. 

5. Truckers Can Cook on Board

Many people think that Truckers don’t have time to prepare their food, except they take breaks at restaurants to eat during their shifts. This popular belief is false. Truckers do have large truckers that can serve as mini-apartments. They have trucks that have power charging outlets for different appliances, and they also come with small refrigerators, microwaves, and cooking gear.

Most truckers take temporary rests in specific places like tourist attractions, especially when they are ahead of schedule and they can do some quick cooking at such points. Depending on the road layout, it can be easier or difficult for some truckers to pack their large trucks. Don’t be surprised when you see a truck pot on the floor of a truck. 

6. They Sample Goods Occasionally

Long-haul tracking typically involves transporting all kinds of consumer goods and material you can think of. When the goods deliver are edible, sometimes truckers may be lucky enough to taste a sample of such goods. 

Ice cream and candy companies transporting their goods intra-state, for instance, may gift truck drivers some samples. Sometimes, the owner of certain goods may ask a trucker to take a damaged good just before they transport them to their destination. 

So What Can A Trucker See In Your Car?

Several things in your car are visible to a trucker based on the truckers’ elevated position, and these include the following;

1. Some part of the trunk

You will be surprised that a trucker can still see some portion of your trunk even though such a place is not visible to you in front of the car. Except for the space behind the car and trunk and completely sealed off, a trucker, you at least see the roof of the compartment from up their trucks. 

2. The Back Seat

The back seat of your car perhaps is the most visible part of your car that a trucker can see. This arrangement or position means a trucker can see items and even your kids or infants strapped to the back seat. 

3. The Passenger Side

Truckers can see you at the driver seat and also the passenger side beside you. Anything placed on top of the dashboard can also be seen as well as the bonnet. The bonnet and front seats are the first places a trucker sees in your car. 


Truckers have a long list of things and situations they see in cars each time they are on the road. Some of these things they see can be too bizarre to mention. This situation is understandable since truckers spend more hours on the road than regular drivers. Truckers also make good money from a trip to trip, but the fatigue and stress of the job often make it difficult for many to stay long. For this reason, truck driving is one of the most mobile jobs globally, with new drivers hired almost now and then. The excellent pay seems to lure people into the job most times. 

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