Are You Supposed To Tip At The Golden Corral? Check Out What To Do

Are You Supposed To Tip At The Golden Corral? Check Out What To Do

Social events with buffets are a dream, especially when the array of food is worth it. Ask any food lover you know. The idea of picking what you want, in whatever quantity you find satisfying, is appealing. 

To meet the needs of their clientele, different hotels offer buffets. Restaurants have refused to stay behind. In recent years, we have seen an increase in the number of buffet restaurants. 

The Golden Corral is one of the top buffet restaurants in America. The restaurant chain offers an all-you-can-eat buffet. And like all buffet services, customers have to go to the buffet stand to get their food. 

But now, here’s something many people want to know. 

Are you supposed to tip at the Golden Corral? 

People ask this question because it is a buffet restaurant. The servers don’t bring the food to you; you serve yourself. So, people wonder if they should tip the servers for doing “nothing.” 

Do the servers do nothing? No! They serve and refill your drinks, clear out tables before and after you have your meal. They also sometimes have additional tasks in the restaurant. 

Many of the servers at the Golden corral discharge their duties diligently. So, if a server is friendly and serves you well, you should tip them accordingly. 

That’s the answer to the question. But we encourage you to continue reading for more information, 

How Much Should You Tip At The Golden Corral? 

You could tip between 10-15% of your total bill. Just know that there is no specified amount you should tip a server. People tip different amounts for different reasons. 

The amount you tip could be because of how much you enjoyed the server’s service or simply because of peer pressure. 

The 10-15% of your total bill has proved effective to many people. Use it anytime you don’t know what is appropriate to tip. 

Should You Tip The Servers At Golden Corral The Same Thing You Tip At Regular Restaurants? 

Yes! Servers at the Golden Corral work hard and do not earn enough. Because the food sold is inexpensive, they are not paid so much. 

So, if you’re going to tip a corral server less than what you tip a server at a regular restaurant, then it shouldn’t be because they don’t deserve large tips. 

Many of those workers have a great need for tips. So, if you can afford to, tip them.

How Much Does A Golden Corral Server Earn? 

The Golden corral servers get paid an average of $9.61 per hour—their salary ranges from as low as $5.94 to $13.3. 

Do Golden Corral Employees Get Free Food? 

They may or may not have the privilege of getting free food. It is dependent on the policies the franchise has in place. Some franchises provide free meals to their employees. 

What Are Tipping Etiquettes? 

When it comes to tipping etiquette, there are many rules to follow and many ways to go wrong. One of the most contentious modern etiquette issues is how much to tip and who should be tipped.

What Is The Proper Tipping Etiquette? 

Tipping is typically done on the after-tax amount, but there is nothing wrong with tipping on the pre-tax amount. Again, it depends on how well the server attended to you and whether or not you believe it is worthy of a tip. 

Generally, the common tipping percentages range from 15% to 20%, with anything above 20% indicating excellent service, but this is changing now. The reason is that there are more services to tip on than ever before, and many other things to consider. 

What Are Buffet Etiquettes? 

Buffet etiquettes are simple things to do when you’re at a buffet. It is the basics of how to act for your safety and the safety of others. The restaurant/hotel also has to keep the food healthy and safe for its customers. 

Eating at a buffet is inexpensive and gives you great value for your money. You get more with less. The only issue is you may be susceptible to safety risks, and it’s not just you, the restaurant too. 

The buffet restaurant has to abide by very strict guidelines. For example, they have to keep foods at a specific temperature. Cold food should be chill at all times and should be in small containers that are easy to change. 

The restaurant takes care to transfer the cold food from one container to a new container. For hot food, they try to keep them warm by placing them on heating equipment. They also provide a different serving utensil for each food displayed. 

The restaurant has its role to play, and so do its customers. 

What Are The Etiquettes You Need For A Buffet? 

As much as the restaurants work to keep you safe, you have a role to play in keeping yourself and fellow customers secure as well. 

How you handle the food and yourself would go a long way in determining the safety of the food. Here are a few basic buffet etiquettes that you should use when in the golden corral or any other buffet restaurant: 

Please wash your hands:

Asides from the fact that we are in a global pandemic, it is important that you wash your hands regularly. In and out of the restaurant, you might have picked up many bacteria from opening doors, touching surfaces, or overall contact with your environment. 

So, before approaching the buffet, wash your hands with soap and water, then dry. You would be safer for it and so would the food. 

Don’t use your hand:

isn’t it weird that we have to say, “don’t use your hand.” Well, the world is a strange place. Avoid using even your washed hands to serve food. If there is no serving utensil, please ask a staff member for one. 

Don’t use one serving utensil for different food:

The restaurants usually provide one serving utensil for each food. Don’t feel the need to use one for all the food you might put on your plate. 

There are many reasons for doing this. One reason is to avoid cross-contaminating meals. In case of any contamination, it is not easy for germs to spread from bowl to bowl if the spoons aren’t moved. 

Don’t eat on the line:

Again, it is weird that we have to say this, but the world remains an odd place. While you’re on the buffet line, don’t eat from your plate. Take your food to your table and eat there. 

Asides from the fact that you may be keeping the line from moving the way it should, you might also contaminate the buffet unknowingly. 

Look through the sneeze guard:

The sneeze guard or covers are there to prevent people from putting their heads over the food directly or from putting their hands into the food. Look through the sneeze guard to make your food selection. Only open when you’re sure you want to eat something. 

Use a clean plate for extra serving:

It might seem easier to pick up your previously used dish to get another serving. But you shouldn’t. Always use a fresh plate if you’re going to get extra servings from the buffet. 

Don’t sneeze into the open air:

Generally, it is wrong to sneeze into the air or your palms. Talk more of an environment with food for consumption. 

Don’t sneeze close to the buffet. Try to move away from the buffet line when you feel a sneeze coming. Sneeze into the crook of your elbow or your shoulder. Wash your hands when you’re done before you return to the buffet. 

Take whatever your hands touch:

Whatever you pick up on the buffet table, don’t return. For example, if you pick up a fruit, don’t put it back in the buffet. The best thing to do is not to pick up anything till you’re sure. 

Fold your sleeves:

If you have a long-sleeved outfit, fold it or tighten your cuffs so it doesn’t enter into the food. It would be unhealthy and unpalatable for your sleeve to get into the buffet. 

Don’t leave the serving spoon in the buffet:

Most buffet tables have spoon holders for you to place the serving spoon, in the absence of one place, spoon on a plate. Never leave the serving spoon inside the buffet. 

Do The Buffet Etiquettes Apply To The Golden Corral? 

Yes, it does. It applies to any buffet. These etiquettes would help you maintain safety in the buffet environment, whether it is a restaurant, hotel, or event. 


The curiosity about whether people should tip at the Golden Corral comes from whether buffet servers deserve tips like servers in regular restaurants. As much as buffets restaurants seem like an easy task because customers have to serve themselves, it isn’t. The global pandemic has even made it harder, with social distancing becoming a priority. 

When you have the opportunity to tip at the Golden Corral, do it. The servers don’t earn so much. Many depend on tips to take care of themselves and their families.

This post is an overview of how you should tip when you should tip, including buffet etiquettes. 

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