Can You Have Multiple Discord Accounts? Here Is What You Need To Know About Discord

Can You Have Multiple Discord Accounts? Here Is What You Need To Know About Discord

Discord became an invaluable and essential tool in the wake of the pandemic. The platform offered families and friends a seamless place to text and voice call.

Today, discord has more than 140 million users. It has made the world a small village.

Through discord, families stay in touch, study groups, and classmates can do assignments together. In addition, communities are using it to create podcasts on various issues.

The application was launched back in 2015. Its primary purpose was to facilitate communication between PC gamers. The users have the freedom to create servers that have various channels for voice and texts.

Servers can be set up for specific topics like music discussion and general chat. Because of the various functions and usefulness, many people wish to open several discord accounts. Let’s go back to the question.

Can You Have Multiple Discord Accounts?

Yes. You can have multiple discord accounts for business or personal use, such as gaming. However, the different accounts will require separate emails. 

The email is considered the primary identifier of the specific discord accounts. Unfortunately, you can’t switch between the discord accounts at the same time.

The best way of using the account simultaneously is by opening them from different browsers. Like you can open one from Google chrome, another in Firefox, Safari browser, and many more.

What Is Discord?

The primary purpose of discord was to create a natural gaming environment. Guess the creators of the service were game lovers.

The application was launched in 2015. The Discord platform offered PC gamers the chance to communicate while playing. It facilitated both texting and voice calls. It certainly made gaming enjoyable.

Discord slowly grew into popularity and was no longer affiliated with only gamers. Families, friends, and businesses stayed in touch with each other using discord.

Its popularity heightened during the Covid period. With the ban of physical meetings and classes, many shifted to using the app, which has the same functionalities as Zoom, Skype, and Google Chat.

The great thing is discord can be used on almost all devices. It has easy-to-use desktop apps for both Mac and Windows. Plus, it also has android and iOS apps for the mobile phone that can be used for calling and chatting.

Discord is more open-source. You can connect your account to some popular services like Spotify and Twitch. Your friends get the chance to see what you’re doing.

The bad thing is, there is no dedicated app for Xbox. However, discord has you sorted. It’s probable to link your Xbox and Discord accounts. After connecting the accounts, others will be able to see what you’re playing.

Using discord doesn’t come with extra technicalities. You don’t need much besides your phone or computer. You can add a great microphone like the blue snowball and a high-quality webcam like Logitech C920.

These will guarantee a better experience.

The Discord Nitro

You can access discord essential services for free. Discord Nitro is a premium feature.

It cost $9.99 and $99.99, monthly and yearly respectively. It has more excellent benefits such as animated avatars, bigger upload size limits, and many more.

A nitro subscriber gets a bonus of two free server boosts. This means a superior server with better benefits compared to the basic one.

The boost guarantees you additional emoji slots, animated server icons, and many more.

Benefits Of Discord

The Discord app is quite remarkable. It helps grow your social community. Other than making your gaming experience extraordinary, it has some unique and easy-to-use features. Here are some of the benefits of the great invention.

1. You Can Grow Your Twitch Community

All twitch streamers looking to build a community need the discord app pretty much. Discord will help you connect with your fans. You can even talk to them when not live and get different opinions from them.

Discord will act as the centralized meeting place for your fans. Another plus thing is the discord bots like stream cord will automatically notify your followers when you start live streaming. You could also create a paid Discord server and monetize your streaming and community by offering paid-for perks, among other exclusive benefits, for your fans.

2. Get the Chance to Listen to Music with Friends

For real, discord makes life more enjoyable. You can connect both your discord and Spotify accounts. Friends can create jam sessions from the comfort of their homes.

It’s such a great way to learn about Drake’s or Rihanna’s latest songs. Its interface is easy to use. Inviting a friend to listen to tracks alongside you from Spotify is so straightforward.

Click on the + icon customarily located at the bottom of any text channel. Your friends will be automatically invited.

You can also join your friend’s server quite easily. Click on their username and select listen along. It’s that simple, and you get the chance to learn more about your friends’ music preferences. It’s the best way of bonding. Today, people mostly use songs to express emotions.

3. Host Virtual Game

With discord, you can share your screen with friends from your voice channel. It’s a convenient feature that can be used for several purposes, such as meetings. The fun is that you can host a virtual game night with your friends or family.

Screen sharing at discord is simple. You click the screen icon located at the bottom of the app. You should be connected to a voice channel.

Discord automatically detects if you’re playing games. If you’re playing a game, you’ll get an additional option requesting you to live stream.

Alternatives To Discord

In the realm of online communication, the question often arises: “Can you have multiple Discord accounts?” Discord, a popular platform for gaming communities and social groups, does allow users to manage multiple accounts, each with its own unique identity and settings. Understanding the dynamics of managing multiple accounts on Discord is essential for those seeking versatility and flexibility in their online interactions. However, it’s equally important to explore alternatives like Telegram vs Discord to determine which platform aligns best with your communication needs and preferences. Evaluating the features, user experience, and community dynamics of both platforms can guide you in making informed decisions about your online presence and engagement.

Most gamers love discord because of its fancy design and its focus on games. There are several excellent alternatives to discord out here you need to know. That doesn’t mean discord isn’t tremendous or has issues.

It’s one of the best in regards to gaming and personal use. However, it’s not the best option for organizations and businesses. Here are the best alternatives to the discord app.

1. Troop Messenger

It’s an easy-to-use application: thanks to its simple interface. Troop Messenger is great for team communication. It can be used as a collaboration tool for all-sized businesses.

Team members can instantly send and receive messages in real-time.  This increases productivity and saves time because decisions are made faster. In addition to chatting, troop messenger facilitates virtual conferences.

The platform will reduce certain costs for your business. The business won’t have the pressure of setting up a meeting room and stuff. Troop Messenger has more great features. Check it out to find out more about it.

2. Team Speak

The team speaks the best alternative to discord. It offers a next-level online gaming experience. Team Speak sound is advanced and pretty defined, and this makes it crystal clear.

Meaning you’ll be able to communicate with your friends and team members without difficulties. The platform is so secure that its security level is described as military-grade.

It does not lag hence is so reliable. Plus, it offers cloud-based services and can be integrated with several devices. The outstanding qualities and features have made it a catch in the market.

3. Chanty

Chanty allows you to chat and manage tasks. You can also make audio and video calls to your team members with the app. The great thing about Chanty is you can manage various tasks from one place: the app.

Messages can be converted to tasks and assigned to your team members. Chanty can also be integrated with other job apps and tools like Zapier and dropbox.  This increases productivity by saving time.

4. Hey-Space

Hey-Space has been used by some big organizations like Arizona State University, Blitz metrics, and many more.

This means it’s a great tool and powerful alternative for discord. It’s the perfect mix for communicating and managing projects.

The app sends notifications when someone messages. This means you’ll be able to answer messages on time, plus it shows a badge for unread messages. You can also highlight some critical statements and make cards. The cards are then saved to the card list for future reference.

5. Hangouts

I’m sure you’ve heard about hangouts. It’s one of the most popular communication platforms. It offers great competition to other renowned platforms like zoom, discord, and Skype.

The Google invention has garnered a lot of populace because of its excellent and easy-to-use interface.

The app can be integrated on several devices such as PC and mobile phones. It has a very stable app and web app that various devices can support.

Just like discord, you must have an email or Google account to create a hangouts account.  Through hangouts, you can text, audio, or video call friends and family. Many businesses use Google hangouts because it’s easy to set up and use.


Discord is quickly becoming a household name. The application allows gamers to chat or call during game sessions.

Its excellent interface has also sold it. Other than gaming, it can be used for communication with families, friends, and businesses.

However, most businesses do not consider discord because it’s games-centered and doesn’t offer the required level of professionalism.

One can also create several discord accounts using a different email. The account can be used for both personal and corporate purposes.

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