Walmart Oil Changes Price: A Detailed Breakdown

Walmart Oil Changes Price: A Detailed Breakdown

Many people associate Walmart with its retail chain operations of grocery stores, supermarkets, hypermarkets, and discount stores.

However, Walmart also provides automobile care services. Just like their retail stores, Walmart has auto care centers in different US cities. They are also present in at least 24 other countries.

Walmart’s auto care centers provide engine, tire, battery, fuel, and oil change services. They have experts who analyze and proffer solutions to various automobile issues within the shortest time possible.

This article discusses the various oil change services available at Walmart and their prices. Continue reading to learn more.

Walmart Oil Changes Price

Walmart oil change depends on the vehicle needs, price, and client preferences. Let us look at Walmart’s various oil change services and their corresponding charges.

1Standard oil change:

A standard oil change at Walmart involves 5 quarts of conventional oil. Your car will also get a new oil filter, and where applicable, a change of chassis lubricant.

This service cost $29.88.

2. High mileage oil change:

A high mileage oil change involves synthetic blend oil or 5 quarts of high mileage oil (5 quarts), depending on client preference. This service costs $39.88.

Vehicles running more than 75,000 miles need to use this service to maintain effectiveness.

This service also comes with free lube services like checking and refilling transmission, washer, breaks and steering fluids.

3Pit Crew oil change:

Pit Crew oil change is a comprehensive service that uses conventional motor oil and 5 quarts of the durable Quaker State. With Quaker State, you have fewer visits to an auto care center.

This service costs $19.88. It also includes a new oil filter, chassis lubricator, battery performance checks and tire pressure analysis.

4Power and performance oil change:

This service provides your automobile with a new oil filter, a chassis lubricator, and five quarts of synthetic oil. This service costs $49.88.

We recommend this service for your luxurious vehicles or sports cars. Exotic cars require full-synthetic oil for best performance.

Types Of Oil Available At A Walmart Auto Care Center

There are different types of automobile oils at a Walmart auto care center. Let us look at them.

The synthetic car oil

Synthetic oils are lubricants made of artificially produced chemical compounds. They are products of a complex refining process, so they have little or no impurities.

Although they compose of chemically modified compounds, crude oil is always the base material. Crude will undergo distillation and then physically and chemically changes to yield the final product.

Manufacturers also include additives to improve the product quality. These additives vary from one manufacturer to the other.

Pros of synthetic car oil:

  1. Synthetic oils increase the life span of the vehicle engine. The formula protects the engine against sludge, which can damage the vehicle engine.
  2. It flows swiftly and with ease on application.
  3. It reduces the friction on the engine and runs through the engine, even at low temperatures.
  4. Application of this oil reduces the number of visits to the car care center, reducing maintenance costs.
  5. Synthetic oils protect the engine from a possible breakdown at high temperatures.
  6. Synthetic oils are environmentally friendly.

Cons of synthetic car oil:

  1. The long durability of synthetic car oils can lead to neglect by the vehicle owner.
  2. It is expensive.
  3. Issues could develop without the early detection of the car owner.

The conventional motor oil:

Conventional motor oils do not contain artificially produced chemical compounds. Conventional oils are products of orthodox methods of oil extraction. As a result, they are cheaper than synthetic oils.

Conventional oils have been in use since the early nineteenth century, initially as lube for steam engines.

Pros of conventional oils

  1. They are cheaper than synthetic oils.
  2. They can lubricate your engine at high temperatures.
  3. They can be stable over long periods, decreasing wear and tear over a long time.

Cons of conventional oils

  1. Conventional oils contain sludge and impurities, which can damage your engine.
  2. Conventional oils move through the engine at a lower speed, exposing it to risk.
  3. Conventional oils are not environmentally friendly. They cause pollution.

The synthetic blend oil:

This type of oil is a blend of conventional motor oils and synthetic oils. They are a combination of different grades of natural and artificial products.

Pros of synthetic blend oil

  1. Synthetic blend oil lasts longer and protects the parts of the engine more than conventional oil.
  2. The oil flow keeps the engine clean, ensuring optimal performance.

Cons of synthetic blend oil

  1. Synthetic blend oil is more expensive than conventional oils.
  2. They are not as clean as synthetic oils.
  3. High mileage oil

Vehicles that often travel relatively long distances require high mileage oil for proper functioning. This oil reduces the number of oil change visits to an auto care center.

The constant use of an engine over time leads to wear. High mileage oil protects the engine from seal erosion, burn-off and leaks. It also stops the build-up of sludge. As a disadvantage, high mileage oils are expensive.

Why Choose Walmart For Your Oil Change?

There are tons of reasons to consider Walmart for your automobile services.

  1. You are always close to a Walmart service. Walmart’s expansive retail chain has a presence in many cities.
  2. Walmart offers reliable services. The technicians are experts with many years of experience.
  3. Walmart has amiable and patient customer care.
  4. Walmart offers quick, efficient, and affordable services. They resolve automobile issues within the shortest possible time.
  5. Walmart stores provide a combination of supermarket and auto care services. So, you can shop while they take care of your car.
  6. Walmart takes responsibility for damages during repairs. They also offer a warranty for aftercare service.

Work Hours At Walmart Auto Care Centers

Walmart auto care services are available between 8 am and 6 pm every day, except on Sundays. On Sundays, services close at 5 pm. This schedule is the standard operating time at Walmart.

However, slight variations may exist in different centers or countries. So, how do you locate a Walmart auto center close to you?

How To Find The Nearest Walmart Oil Change Service

Go to the auto care section on Walmart’s website. Click on Search for a Store Near You. Enter your zip code when prompted. The list of stores close to you will come up, including details about the operation hours.

How Often Should You Change Your Vehicle’s Engine Oil?

The schedule for your vehicle’s oil change depends on the vehicle specifications and your usage. Vehicle specifications refer to the make, model, and year of manufacture.

Older vehicles (1990 and below) require an oil change at least once every three months or after 3,000 miles. Newer automobiles will take a longer time to need an oil change. They have more efficient engines.

In addition, motor oils production has improved. Manufacturers have developed more efficient and durable motor oils.

Other Walmart Car Services

Oil change services are just one of many Walmart’s automobile services. Let us look at a few others.

Tire Services

These involve the purchase, installation and maintenance of your tire and wheels. At Walmart, you can replace your old or bad tires and fix your flat tires. Wheel balancing and rotation are also available.

You can get a basic car tire installation for just $15. The service costs an extra $10 for tires purchased from non-Walmart stores.

This service includes valve systems pack, tire mounting, and balance and rotation. 

Other packages include value tire installation ($25), lifetime wheel balancing, and rotation ($14).

You can also shop for new tires at Walmart. Exciting deals and discounts are available at Walmart auto stores.

Battery Services

Walmart also provides installation services for your batteries and components. Maintenance services like battery terminal replacement and non-corrosion treatment are available at Walmart auto centers.

Battery installation is free for batteries purchased from Walmart stores. Installation is $10 for batteries purchased from other stores. 

Corrosion treatment costs $3.50 per battery. Terminal head replacement costs $5 per battery terminal.

It doesn’t matter whether you purchased your battery from Walmart. However, you can get good deals and discounts from a Walmart store.

Other services

Other automobile services available at Walmart include fuel system service, air filter installation, headlights restoration and installation, wiper blade change.

You can also get a mini bulb and cabin installation services.


Walmart’s auto care centers provide engine, tire, battery, fuel, and oil change services. They have experts who analyze and proffer solutions to various automobile issues within the shortest time possible.

Walmart oil change depends on the vehicle needs, price, and client preferences.

Walmart offers standard high mileage, Pit crew, and power and performance oil change services for $29.88, $39.88, $19.88, and $49.88, respectively. Conventional oils, synthetic and synthetic blends oils are available at Walmart service centers.

Walmart auto care services are available between 8 am and 6 pm every day, except on Sundays. The closing time on Sunday is 5 pm.

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