When Does Target Restock? Here’s What You Need To Understand  

When Does Target Restock? Here’s What You Need To Understand  

Shopping at Target is synonymous with shopping with convenience. However, and whatever you are shopping for – whether you are getting fresh grocery delivery through shipment, ordering curbside pickup, or dropping by Target to buy everything you need.

However, you may want to know the day and time your local store restocks so that you will get everything you are stopping by to buy. Most people wonder when target restocks, and if you are reading this article, you most likely have this question on your mind.

Now the question!  

When does target restock? Here’s the answer

Target typically receives its shipment and restocks on Monday or Tuesday and Thursday or Friday. Restocking on these days was their schedule before the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

However, to supply the high demand for essentials resulting from the pandemic, the company now receives shipments every day, excluding Sunday. Also, most target locations restock their supplies overnight. 

Target is a well-known brand, so items fly off the shelves quickly. You may find that you always wait for the next day of restocking. If this happens to you most of the time, this guide will explain everything you need to know about Target.

When Does Target Restock In 2021?

Every Target store restocks essentials night after the stores have closed. Since 2021, the store restocks bigger items 2 or 3 times every week. There is no restock schedule for items sold online at the store’s website, Target.com. However, if you want to get notified when they restock items, you can sign up for that.

After COVID-19 hit, the store assured their customers that the stores are safe and items are in stock.

To protect their employee and their customers, Target offers more shopping methods – from contactless in-store payment and same-day delivery to free curbside pickup.

Now that Target has introduced all these new services, you have to know the best time or days to shop at the store. Knowing the best time will ensure that you get everything you need when you stop by the store or shop online.

What Time Of The Day Does Target Restock?

Most Target locations, restocks items overnight, following the closure of stores. They restock typically between 12 am, and 6 am. However, since the global pandemic hit, many stores have been restocking every day, excluding Sundays.

This change is due to the pandemic. The store wants to serve all their customers as the demand for groceries and household essentials are very high. 

Depending on how busy the Target store near you is, it can get between five new shipments daily to two new shipments every week.

How Often Does Target Online Restock?

Target’s online store restocks items on a rotating schedule, depending on the manufacturer’s product availability. If the item you purchased on Target’s online store is on back-order, the item will be shipped when the store restocks.

While target online does not have a definitive restocking schedule for items, restocking depends on the manufacturer’s availability. The store ships back-ordered items once they are in stock.

So if you order products on back-order from the Target online store, they’ll ship the items as soon as they’re in stock, and you will receive a notification from the store. 

If you want to buy items from a store that offers a stress-free online shopping experience, then Target should be your go-to. The store allows its customers to shop without the stress of queuing in a long line.

On What Days Does Target Restock Items?

We stated earlier that Target performs a perfunctory restock after the stores have closed – starting from12:00 pm and 6:00 am. Most essential items and items in high demand are restocked during this time to have sufficient daytime stock inventory.

As for other outdoor goods, appliances, and equipment items, Target restocks them every other night. If the store does not have enough overnight staff to take care of the extensive restocks, they will take care of the heavy restock twice weekly.

For the heavy restock, the store will choose Monday and Friday. 

When Are Perishable Groceries Restocked At Target?

While restocking during the day depends on the store’s location, the general restocking for perishable grocery products is late in the night and early morning hours. Trucks carrying perishable goods, including dairy, produce, frozen items, and meat, arrive at stores every day between 3:00 pm and 11 pm. 

The items listed above are delivered and stocked near the opening time so that customers can buy them when they are still fresh.

Will Target Notify You When Items Are In Stock?

Target’s online store will notify you, Target.com, when a previously out-of-stock product is available in the store and ready to be shipped. You can sign up for notifications either through the Target Mobile App or online.

Once you have signed up on the app or website, you will get alerts via email or text when any item you have ordered is available. Note that receiving a notification does not mean the item will be reserved or available when you stop by.

So if you are notified on your phone or via email by Target that an item you want is available, then you have to act quickly to get your item before it goes out of stock again. You have to act quickly, especially if the item is in high demand.

What Items Does Target Restock?

Target restocks all high-demand and essential items overnight. These items include cleaning items, paper products, household essentials, and lots more. Other items like grocery items, makeup, clothing, and perishables are continually brought in store throughout the day.

For seasonal products like Christmas goods, winter clothing, pool accessories, and summer shade items, Target rolls out those on a seasonal basis. The store usually restocks seasonal products during the primary season.

Target will restock winter goods during the fall, so you should expect them in mid-September.

What Is The Best Day To Shop At Target Stores?

Most target locations receive shipments twice to thrice a week on Monday or Tuesday and Thursday and Friday. So, if you are wondering which days are the best to shop at the store, you can try one of these days.

However, this does not mean that each store’s restocking schedule does not vary. So it is advised that you contact the Target store near you to find out when they restock the items you want to buy.

As we mentioned previously in the article, Target now receives shipments daily except on Sundays to keep up with the high demand for household essentials and grocery items.

However, restocking usually depends on manufacturers and distribution centers. Also, items restock are not specific. Target stores also do not receive the shipment for items that are in high demand on set days.

So, if you want to buy a specific product, you are advised to contact the Target store near you and ask an agent to find out the current inventory. Also, if you don’t want to visit the store because you want to avoid waiting in line, use Google Maps to find out when your local store has fewer crowds.

How Do I Check Target Inventory?

Due to its popularity, Target quickly runs out of groceries and household essentials in high demand. The workers usually don’t know when the store will restock cleaning products, paper products, and high-demand grocery products.

If you want to know what items are currently in stock, you can check the store’s website. Not that the store’s inventory is not always 100% correct.

How Often Do Target Stores Receive Shipments?

Target local stores can take between five shipments every day to two shipments in a week. The number of times they receive shipments depends on how busy the store location is, including their customer demand.

For the past few months, most busy Target stores have received shipments more frequently than before to keep up with their customers’ demand for cleaning supplies, groceries, and household essentials.

Most Target stores take at least one shipment every day.


If you are thinking of stress-free shopping, think Target. Due to the high demand for specific items during the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic, the store has announced some changes, including updated store hours, new grocery delivery services, and contactless in-store payment options.

The store recently launched Target Restock, which is free for every of your Target RedCard purchases. It also costs $2.99 for other orders. Target Restock allows customers to place their orders online if they are buying household essentials.

With Target Restock, they can place their other as late as 7 pm and expect them to send it the following day. This new development is significant for customers who are trying to avoid visiting the store on crowded days.

In the nearest future, we are confident that customers’ shopping trip at Target will be even better than it is now as the team is doing all they can to offer their customers shopping with convenience.

From buying groceries for the week to stocking up on household essentials, understanding how Target operates can help you fix your schedule so you can drop by on the best time to shop at the store.

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