Minecraft Fishing: Learn About How To Repair Fishing Rod Minecraft 

Minecraft Fishing: Learn About How To Repair Fishing Rod Minecraft 

Surviving in Minecraft is not an easy task by any means, especially in hardcore mode. You must obtain some necessities daily, like foods, powerful weapons and protective gears. One of the tools you can achieve these necessities with is a fishing rod. Fishing doesn’t only give you fish to meet your hunger though, they can bring you exclusive weapons and treasure as well.

However, fishing rods can break over time, unless you have enchantments like mending or unbreaking III. So, what do you do if your fishing rod breaks? How to repair fishing rod Minecraft? To know all about fishing in Minecraft, keep reading all the information below! We will try our best to teach you Minecraft fishing tricks.

All About Fishing: Some Basic Fishing Information

In Minecraft’s survival mode, fish hunting is very common. The first step to fishing is throwing your fishing rod into a block with ample water. Hold the rod in your hands and right-click on the water bod. And voila! You’re ready to lure in plenty of fish.

Fish help meet your hunger and act as a source of food to survive. Some of the fish you can catch in Minecraft fishing are salmon, tropical fish, cod, and pufferfish. Sometimes, you can also obtain junk items like leather, sticks, lily pads, bottles, bones, etc.

Junk items can be pretty useful even though they are literally called ‘junk’. You can use lilypads to make a path over water or use the bones to make bone meals.

Consequently, although very rare, you can also catch some special treasure items through fishing. The treasures include enchanted books, more fishing rods, bows, saddles, name tags, etc. Some of these items are described in short below:


Lucas or bows can be both ordinary or enchanted. They are used as valuable weapons for hunting. In addition, having a bow increases your survival chances in the game. So, if you receive a bow through fishing, make sure to use it wisely. Keep in mind that the bows do not come with arrows, though.

Enchanted Books

One of the things that is extremely hard to find in Minecraft: Enchanted Books. But if you do manage to find one through fishing, consider that you’ve hit the jackpot! Enchanted books let you apply enchantments to objects through an anvil. 

If you are new to Minecraft and don’t have enough Lapis Lazulis, an enchanted book  is a great tool to upgrade items.

Fishing Rods

Sometimes fishing can get you more fishing rods as well. But they are not ordinary ones. These will be enchanted fishing rods that can get you both upgrades and downgrades based on the enchantment.

Kinds of Fishing Rods

In Minecraft, you can make the fishing rods by yourself. For that, go to the crafting table and add three wooden sticks and two spider web sourced strings. And voila! Your fishing rod is ready!

Now, the above mentioned type of fishing rod is a regular rod. However, enchanted ones are different. These are very rare, and many players haven’t even got to try them yet. But you’ll be glad to know that these rods are very easy to make. 

Minecraft has several kinds of enchantments available that you can add to a fishing rod. These rods increase your chances of winning specials items like tools and weapons. In addition, you can get several other privileges from an enchanted rod while fishing. 

Nevertheless, fishing rods are one of the very cool stuff you can get on Minecraft to catch fish and extra boosts.

Durability of a Fishing Rod

The reason why a Minecraft fishing rod usually breaks is that it is out of durability points. Like equipment in real life, Minecraft tools also have an expiry limit, and they malfunction when the limit is nearby. But don’t worry as you can fix all these defects easily!

But before that, let’s talk about the durability of a fishing rod. A regular fishing rod has the durability of specific units, where the unit represents the number of times you can use the rod. For regular use like fishing and catching treasure, 1 unit of durability is used.

However, some other uses can cause you more durability points than 1. For example, the bobber getting stuck in a solid block can yield two unit points. On the other hand, catching items dropped by others can cause around three durability units. 

If your rod has a total of 60 durability points, each time you use it, points will be deducted from it according to the use. With the durability decreasing, the rod’s quality will deteriorate. Moreover, when it reaches 0, the rod breaks. It is better to repair them as soon as they hit 45% durability.

How To Repair Fishing Rod Minecraft?

Like we explained before, in Minecraft, rods have specific durability for usage, after which they break. Sometimes, you can also have an enchanted rod broken, and this is a matter of concern since enchanted rods are rare to find. But worry not! All these rods can be easily fixed.

In order to repair a fishing rod, there are three ways that you can follow. They are:

Using a Crafting Table

This is the simplest way to repair a fishing rod. But to get the maximum use of it, you need to have another fishing rod with low durability. Basically, what you do with this method is you go to your crafting station and combine the two broken rods. This step will combine the two rods and term them into a single one.

Moreover, the remaining durability of the two rods is also combined. So, now, you will have one good and new fishing rod instead of two broken ones with high durability. Sometimes, the game gives you bonus units as well. That’s why we recommend you do not touch 0 to go and fix a broken rod.

Hitting rock bottom of durability will have no effect when the rod is combined with a new one. Hence, it is better to fix them at about 40-45% durability.

Using an Anvil

The anvil is the repair station of Minecraft. To fix your rod using this way, you first need to create an anvil yourself using three iron blocks and four iron ingots. This is also done in the crafting station. After making an anvil, create a new regular fishing rod in the station. You can make it with sticks and strings.

Therefore, once you execute these two steps, bring the anvil to your world and click on it. A table will appear. Here, put your broken rod in the first slot. Put the new fishing rod in the second slot. 

You will notice that a new rod has appeared in the third slot. This rod will have the original power of the broken rod, including total durability.

Using Mending

Mending is one of the most extraordinary treasure enchantments in Minecraft. Whenever you gain experience points, it is possible to obtain a Mending enchantment. Use the points to mend your rod and it will be back to being bright and shiny, including having full durability.

Which Repairing Way Is Better?

The odds depend on the situation to decide which way is better to fix your rod in Minecraft. But honestly, the easiest and most popular way to fix a rod is using mending. It is effortless, with no additional work required. Mending helps your rod regain its full ability without any problem. 

However, the other two ways of repairing a rod have some drawbacks. For example, if you had an enchanted rod and fixed it through the crafting table, your new rod would lose all the old enchantments. It will become just like regular fishing. Therefore, it is better to either use mending or an anvil when you have an enchanted rod.

On the other hand, in order to make a rod using an anvil, you’ll have to find the ingredients to create an anvil itself first. This is a potential setback. Moreover, not only does repairing a tool using an anvil costs XP points, but also will its point cost get higher each time you use it. This is a huge con since, at one point, it will become impossible to use the anvil anymore. 

Therefore, mending is the best way to fix a rod. If enchanted, you can use the anvil once or twice. Whereas, Regular rods are safer to repair in the crafting table. Choose your option wisely, as one misstep can cost you useful resources or valuable points.

Final Words

Therefore, like all other features of Minecraft, its fishing field includes many tips and tricks as well. Now you know that you can actually repair a fishing rod in several ways. Many veteran players are sometimes unaware of these facts, and they choose to use the traditional tricks. This can cost you both points and tools.

Hence, if you were wondering how to repair fishing rod Minecraft, we hope this article helped answer your queries. Fishing rods are a handy tool in the game as you can use several enchantments on them to boost your gaming style. 

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