Do You Need a Degree in Marketing in 2021?

Do You Need a Degree in Marketing in 2021?

The necessity of formal education has already been questioned. Many professionals rely more on extra training and online education than the knowledge they got at universities. However, it still feels that a formal degree builds a foundation that can be further strengthened with the outcomes of continuous learning.

As a major, marketing faces a significant share of skepticism. Lots of marketing professionals have reached their level via education in other fields or having no education at all. Of course, that puts lots of questions for young students who might be getting demotivated about getting a formal degree.

We, however, found a few reasons why you still should take this trip and get a formal degree in marketing. Our friends from essay service EssayHub that can help you find an essay writer from almost any field of expertise helped us with this list. Let’s go!

It’s More Than Just Tricks and Tactics

Online courses and other educational materials don’t provide substantial background knowledge of marketing. They might be enough for entry-level jobs or ad-hoc projects. However, you will still lack some fundamental knowledge and skills that the profession requires.

For example, marketing students learn not only the history of marketing. They also get into the matter of consumer psychology to find ways to impact it. All those tips and tricks are built on this psychology. If you don’t figure it out, you’ll never develop anything new and creative.

C-Level Career

Once you reach a certain point in your career, a formal degree will be essential for your further progression. If your goal is to become a director or other marketing executive, a formal degree is a must. Moreover, BA is often not enough for such purposes.

Thus, if you intend to have a serious career in the field of marketing, getting an education is a must. You may do it when you are already employed. However, it’s better to start working when you already have some background knowledge.

Marketing Knowledge For Entrepreneurs

It’s a fact that successful marketers often have no degree in marketing. They usually come from other fields and apply their knowledge and skills to promote a specific product.

A degree in marketing does not limit you to marketing as well. On the contrary, it builds a strong foundation for you to try different industries or even start a business. This degree and this knowledge are never considered redundant.

Developed Communication Skills

Any degree requires you to collaborate and communicate with peers. Obviously, this positively reflects on your ability to negotiate, discuss, and present information.

However, marketing puts even greater emphasis on the need to communicate. By obtaining this degree, you can really master the skill of how to build a strong connection with the audience. Moreover, presentation and negotiation, combined with persuasion and attention to detail, become some of the best skills you gain from getting a marketing degree.

Range of Specializations 

We are used to thinking of marketing as a whole and integral thing. However, there are lots of specializations you can choose from. You are not bound to one field and not obliged to be a universal marketing professional.

Here are several of the most popular directions you can choose from:

  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Offline marketing
  • Influencer marketing

Decent Salaries and High Demand

You don’t have to think about your career perspectives if you choose marketing as a major. The jobs in this field vary from online marketing for small businesses to PR for big corporations. In the end, it’s you who decides which path to choose.

For example, you can help develop a brand for essay writing services or join Nike and work on its marketing strategy. Any option is great, and you can easily decide what career fits you the best.

Opportunities For Continuous Learning

Marketing is never stagnant. It’s developing, growing bigger and more diverse. You’ll never get bored if you choose marketing as a major. In addition, you’ll always have lots of things to learn because continuous learning opportunities in marketing are endless.

Moreover, this knowledge can be adapted to many different fields. Even if you realize that you want to develop in a different direction, marketing will help you. After all, whatever you do, it’s all about interaction with customers and sales. 


Don’t miss a chance to master marketing. It’s one of the most rapidly developing fields in 2021. This is your real chance to live a fulfilling student life while studying a dynamic and interesting major. So, unless you need knowledge on marketing just for additional insights, do consider getting higher education in marketing because it might be a real opportunity to build a blissful career for you.

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