Killer Tips On How To True Reset Undertale With Ease 

Killer Tips On How To True Reset Undertale With Ease 

The Undertale is an action-adventure game that follows the story of a child who dropped into a place called the Underground. In the Underground, this child must fight multiple monsters and choose how he defeats each enemy. So naturally, each choice would lead to a different outcome.

The True reset function allows gamers to clear all data about their choices and interactions with other characters to experience new outcomes. So, can you perform a True reset in Undertale? Read to learn more!

How To True Reset Undertale

The Undertale game is available on multiple platforms ranging from PC to PlayStation consoles, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. So, we are going to see how to true reset on some of these platforms.

How To True Reset Undertale On PC

  • Open your file explorer and click on This PC. This PC could be under a different name on your computer depending on factors, such as your Windows version, or when renamed.
  • Locate the C Drive. This drive may also be under a different name. Some popular alternatives you might see include Local Disc (C:), System (C:), or Windows (C:), etc. When you locate it, open it.
  • In the C Drive, click on Users.
  • Select the User. You can customize the name and edit it to something you prefer.
  • At this point, select AppData.
  • Select Local in AppData.
  • Locate the Undertale folder in Local. The list of folders in Local will appear alphabetically, so scroll down to locate it.
  • In the Undertale folder, you will see your Save File. You can either delete or move your Save file. Delete your save file would mean you would be unable to recover that progress. You can, however, drag the file and be able to move it back whenever you wish.

The game would genuinely reset with the above steps, and you can create a new and intriguing path for yourself.

How To True Reset Undertale On A Game Console

  • Power up your Nintendo switch and go to System Settings.
  • Under System Settings, open Data Management.
  • Select Manage Save Data.
  • Locate Delete Save Data, select it
  • Select Undertale in the menu that pops up.

When you have completed the steps above, you can now start the game afresh.

How To Get The True Reset Option In Undertale

All of the methods discussed above require you to work outside the game. So, you might be wondering if it is possible to True reset within the game. 

The answer is yes. But to unlock this option, one has to complete a pacifist or genocide run (More on this further in the article). When you do this, the game replaces the normal reset with a True reset. 

When you have completed the game in either pacifist or genocide mode, Flowey greets you and lets you know you can reset everything, and you see only the True reset option.

What Is A Pacifist Run In Undertale?

When in the Underground, your character will have to go up against monsters. In duelling these monsters, you will have the choice to kill or spare them. These choices will end up determining the ending you will get. 

The pacifist run leads to the pacifist ending, which many believe is the game’s actual ending. You complete the pacifist run when you play the game without killing any monster. Finishing the game like this on the first attempt also makes it easier to attempt other endings.

What Is A Genocide Run In Undertale?

The genocide run is the opposite of the pacifist run. In the genocide run, you have to kill every monster you come across. You’ll also have to search every possible area to kill anyone you encounter. However, in this run, it is not necessary to complete all the puzzles.

Once you have completed the genocide run, it is difficult to get the game to forget it even after a True reset. Therefore, at the end of this run, you also achieve a unique ending.

What Is A Neutral Run In Undertale?

You can achieve this run when you do a bit of killing and sparing the lives of monsters. This run can lead to any of the preprogrammed neutral endings. Unlike the pacifist and genocide run, it doesn’t have a unique or special end. If you complete a neutral run, you can’t do a True reset within the game.

What Is The Difference Between A True Reset And The Normal Reset?

Considering all the above, the question that might be at the back of your mind is, what is the difference between a True reset and the normal reset?

A Normal reset:

A normal reset is possible at any point within the game. The normal reset takes you to the beginning of the game, erasing things like your game experience and levels. It also removes any restrictions that may stop you from achieving either pacifist or genocide run even though you have completed those runs before.

However, the none-playable characters in the game still remember the interactions you had with them. This interaction is especially true for Flowey; as such, a lot of the dialogue will change. Also, when you do a standard reset, you can’t change the name of the human that falls into the Underground.

A True reset:

Like the normal reset, a True reset takes you back to the beginning with experience and game level reset. Unlike the normal reset, however, you can’t do a  True reset at any time within the game. You can only do a True reset at any time using some of the methods outlined above.

A True reset is only possible twice within the game. First, you can do a True reset when you complete the pacifist and genocide runs. Second, with a True reset, all non-playable character interactions will wipe off. So, it would be like starting the game afresh.

Why Would You Want To Do A True Reset?

We have looked at what a True reset is. We have also seen how to do a True reset. We have also seen the distinction between the True reset and normal reset. So, the question becomes, “why would you want to do a True reset?” 

Undertale is a game that has multiple possible outcomes based on the player’s choices. So, it makes sense that the player would want to start the game again to experience a different game outcome. 

For example, you may complete a pacifist run and want to see what it would be like to start again and end a genocide run or even attempt a neutral run. To achieve any of the above, the player has to perform a True reset to accomplish that. 

The reason is that with the normal reset, there are limitations as the non-playable characters still remember your interactions with them.

Some Beginners Tips And Tricks In Undertale

So, you might be reading this article, and you are just about to start your Undertale journey. Here are some valuable tips to tricks to get you started.

You don’t have to kill the enemies:

In Undertale, you can move past the non-playable characters or enemies without killing them. To do that, you have to figure out what those enemies could desire that you could give to them. 

If you can identify these enemies’ wants, you can scale past them. But you also have to consider that your previous actions can sometimes predetermine the outcomes available to you. For this reason, a True reset becomes so valuable. 

The game is not over because you completed a run:

If there’s anything you would have gotten from this article, it’s the fact that seeing one ending doesn’t mean you have seen it all.

It’s a game based on choice, so outcomes change every time you play the game. After completing a game run and desire a different result, you can restart the game using any reset options discussed above.

Puzzle solutions are available online:

Undertale also has puzzles that you need to solve to pass new levels or find hidden easter eggs. Unfortunately, getting past these puzzles can be quite the hassle, as with most games with puzzles, they aren’t the best. 

So, to save yourself time and make your run smoother, you can get solutions and steps on how to get past them when you stonewall.

You can follow-up conversations with non-playable characters:

Undertale has a lot of hidden easter eggs. It is normal to want to skip conversations with non-playable characters because they tend to have repeated speech.

It is advisable that in Undertale, when non-playable characters start responding with unique lines, you should follow it up because there is a chance you are up to something.


A True reset is a way of resetting Undertale such that the characters do not remember your interactions with them. That is the only way to start the game again without past actions affecting the outcome. 

You can do a True reset outside the game at any time and can erase even the fact that you have completed a genocide run.

You can also do a True reset twice within the game when you have completed either the genocide run or the pacifist run. It can be nice to learn this as it can help you enjoy the game with various experiences. You can also employ some of the tricks for a smoother experience.

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