Is Tiger Wood A Republican? The Incredible Tiger Woods Comeback And His Political Stand

Is Tiger Wood A Republican? The Incredible Tiger Woods Comeback And His Political Stand

Tiger Woods is one of the best and most famous golfers in the world. He became the youngest and the first African-American man to win the US Masters at twenty-one years. Woods has had many outstanding achievements ever since.

He has gone to win the US Master five times, and the US opens three times. Moreover, he was the first player to win four major tournaments consecutively. Despite having personal issues and even having some bad golf times, he still managed to have his second comeback. In 2019 he won the US masters again and won the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

The Presidential Medal of Freedom award by Donald Trump brought many controversies. It drew an image that Tiger was republican. Many people questioned him about his action. Is tiger woods a republican?

Is Tiger Woods A Republican?

Despite Tiger Woods accepting Donal Trump’s White House invite, it does not mean that he is a republican. Tiger also has a good relationship with Barack Obama, a Democrat, and they have been playing golf together. Tiger is Apolitical. He has done everything he can to keep his political views to himself. Therefore you can’t say if he is a republican or a democrat.

Tiger Woods Comeback

Things started going for Tiger Woods in 2008 when he had to miss the rest of the season because of a knee injury. He had to go for reconstructive surgery on his left knee. The positivity in his injury was the coming of his second child. He also spent more time watching Sam grow. In February 2009, Tiger and his wife welcomed their baby boy.

Tiger returned to the field on February 25th the same year but had an unsuccessful year. The year 2009 was his first year to finish a whole year without any significant win since 2004. while his career was facing difficulties, his personal life had even more storms.  In late November, reports came that Woods had a romantic relationship with Rachel Utichel, a Nightclub manager.

Many reports of Woods’mistresses came that he even couldn’t suppress the media inquiries into his life. Photographers spotted Tiger’s wife without her ring on her finger. In December, Woods admitted to the infidelity cases and apologized to his fans. He then announced his break from gold to tend to his family. He got suspended from his Gillette endorsement and lost many other endorsements with different companies.

Woods made a return to gold in 2010, but his performance was still not at its peak. He got divorced from his wife, and she took full custody of the children. After all the struggles, Woods started hitting the ground running in 2012. In March 2012, Tiger won Arnold Palmer Invitational. The same year, Tiger attained his victory No. 74. He was behind the record holder Sam Snead with eight victories and surpassed Nicklaus.

The year 2013 was a triumphant year for Wood. He won five tournaments and announced his relationship with the twenty-eight-year-old Lindsley Von. However, in 2014 he had setbacks in his life. He got an injury and underwent back surgery. He also announced the end of his relationship with Von.

In 2018, Tiger woods had his game clicking again. He started going back to his old winning days. On April 14th, 2019, Tiger completed a final-round 2-under 70 at the US Masters. He won the Master that year for the fifth and time and his fifteenth major title.

On May 6th, President Donald Trump awarded him the Presidential Medal of freedom for his remarkable comeback from adversities. After his knee surgery in August 2019, he came back producing a vintage performance on the course. Tiger won his 82nd career PGA Title by defeating Hideki Matsuyama. Therefore, he tied Sam Snead’s victory No 82 and became one of the greatest golfers ever to play.

Tiger Woods Relationship With Barack Obama

When Barack Obama became President, Tiger was the first to congratulate him. Woods said that it was an incredible moment having an African-Amerian president in the country.

He added that Obama was multiracial, and he was hoping that an African America would be in the office in his lifetime. He said that his dad hoped for it to happen in his lifetime, but he did not see it. He also said that he was lucky enough to see it, and his father would have cried if he had seen it.

Golf Channel’s Tim Rosaforte revealed that Barack Obama went to play golf with Tiger Woods. Woos enjoyed laying with Barack Obama, and he would love to do it again. Obama also holds Tiger Woods dear. He made it sure to congratulate Woods when he broke his major drought at the Masters.  Obama sent Woods a tweet congratulating him and talking of his grit and determination.

All these show that Wood and Obama had a good relationship, and they were on good terms. Woods was even happy and proud to see an African-American in office in his lifetime. however, it does not mean that Woods was a democrat. His love for Obama had nothing to do with politics. Woods had no interest in politics, and he did not reveal his political views.

Tiger Woods Relationship With Donald Trump

There have been many athletes who have rejected Donald trump’s invite to the white house. However, Tiger Woods was not one of them. Tiger Woods accepted the invite by Trump to go to the white house and receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Trump decided to award Tiger Woods the Presidential Medal of Freedom award because of his remarkable career comeback. Tiger woods has had a decade of injuries and losses, but he did not get discouraged. Tiger Woods dusted himself up and made one of the greatest sports comebacks. He even won the 2019 US masters on April 14th. Trump noted Tiger’s relentless will to win and the ability to battle back from adversity and awarded him.

Most people were happy and proud of Tiger and said that he deserved the honor. However, they were not pleased with Tiger accepting Donald’s invite. They wanted Tiger to take a stand against hatred and racisms by rejecting Trump’s invite. He should have used that opportunity to raise awareness of racism and hate.

Apart from the White House invite, people have also spotted Tiger Woods with Trump on golfing outings. This act made most people think that Tiger was a republican and that he supported Trump. However, that was not the case.

At one time, Woods got asked about his relationship with Trump. He replied by saying that it is acceptable to disregard what you don’t like in people. Tiger  Woods added that Trump is the President of the United States of America, and one should respect the office. He said that no matter who is in the office and whether you like them or not, you should respect them.

Tiger’s statement showed that he did not accept Trump’s invite or went with him to golfing outings because of Political reasons. He did all that out of respect for the person in the office regardless of who it was.

Trump even announced that he would be giving Tiger the award on Twitter. Strategists believed that Trump would benefit from giving Tiger the award even if his actions were not purely political. One significant benefit was to gain the popularity of women.

The PGA tours fan base comprises 35% of women who most of them were Tiger Woods fans. Showing gratitude to the beloved athlete by awarding him with a presidential Medal of freedom would win the hearts of the female fans. Trump lacks female support.

Statistics show that Trump only has thirty-five percent of female voters. Therefore winning the female fans of Tiger Woods would be a great strategy. Trump had good intentions in awarding Tiger with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. However, he would also benefit from it in some way.

What Shows That Tiger Woods Did Not Side With Any Political Party?

Tiger Woods’ fantastic relationships with Trump and Barack Obama proved that he was neither a democrat nor a republican. Moreover, he even congratulated Barck Obama when he got elected as the President. He viewed it as an incredible moment for him since an African-American was in office in his lifetime. When asked about Trump’s immigration policies, he showed disinterest in politics by saying that one should respect the President’s office.

Is Tiger Woods A Democrat?

There is no concrete indication that shows that Tiger Woods is a Democrat. Despite congratulating Obama and saying his win was incredible, it does not mean he is a Democrat. Woods has also had moments with Donald Trump without having any political motive. Tiger Woods is apolitical because he has not shown any interest in politics. 


You cannot conclude that Tiger Woods was a republican or a democrat. Tiger woods had a good relationship with both Obama and Trump. He even went to golfing outings with both of them and said that he had an incredible experience. When people asked Tiger about politics, he did not display his political views. However, he insisted that people should respect the one in the office regardless of whether they like them or not. Therefore it is fair to say that Tiger Woods was apolitical.

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