Pitbull Vs. Wolf Who Should Win: The Battle

 Pitbull Vs. Wolf Who Should Win: The Battle

The Pitbull and the wolf have different weaknesses and strengths. Both species are known to be aggressive, which is their natural trait. 

The wolf is wild and predominantly scavenges for food in the woods. On the contrary, the Pitbull is a domesticated dog. 

Domesticating a wolf is almost impossible but can happen. Generally, animals fight to defend, hunt, and show superiority. 

In this article, we are going to look into an exciting battle. The battle involves the tenacious American Pitbull and the wild killer, the wolf. 

I will break down every detail about each canine. To help you imagine how fierce the battle will be. 

Pitbull Vs. Wolf Who Should Win

The wolf will undoubtedly be victorious in the battle between a Pitbull and a wolf. The wolf bite force is three times that of a Pitbull. 

The Pitbull jaw muscles are well developed. Still, they cannot bite as hard as the killer wolf. Pitbull and other dogs do have a disadvantage over the wolf. 

It’s because the muscles of the wolf are far much superior and efficient. The bone density of the wolf is also relatively high. 

The Pitbull’s muscles are best for slow-twitch force. It’s the reason why they usually are bite and hold on. 

Most Pit bulls were bred to bite, hold on bulls, and catch rats. The other thing is the endurance and lung efficiency of the wolf are superior to that of the Pitbull. 

At the height factor, the Pitbull can have an advantage. The wolf is taller than the Pitbull. Therefore the Pitbull is closer to the ground and more robust.

The weight of the wolf can grow up to 70kgs and more. The Pitbull weight can reach 30-35 kg. This makes the wolf twice as heavy as the wolf. Already this is trouble for the Pitbull. 

Lastly, the wolf lives in the large wood territories and survives through hunting. Therefore the wolf tends to have great hunting strategies. 

For sure, even well-trained dogs cannot match the intelligence of a wolf. The wolf is good at tracking and tracing its prey. It can do this for an hour, even in the dark. 

This makes it a favorite to the Pitbull.  To wrap up, even that extensive adult Pitbull might find it hard to win against a young wolf.

American Pitbull


The American Pitbull species is certainly not recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC). It’s because of its reputation as a fighting dog. 

The distinct species was first developed in England, Ireland, and Scotland in the 19th century. It’s from terrier ancestry and the bulldog. 

The dogs were used for sporting, the sport of bull and bear-baiting. In 1835 the sport was declared to be inhuman/illegal and therefore banned.  

The people went to do dog fights, and dogs with more aggression were bred. It’s the immigrant who brought the Pitbull species into America. 

Farmers widely owned the dog breed. Its primary purpose was to protect livestock. In America, they were bred to be more intimidating and more immense. 

The Characteristics Of The Pitbull


The modern male total grown Pitbull weight is about ninety pounds. It can grow to the height of twenty inches. 

The Pitbull has a firm bite which earns it an excellent reputation. Another thing about the Pitbull is it does not back down once in a fight. 

The Pitbull is an energetic and intense dog breed. The great thing is they are very driven and resourceful. The Pitbull is highly protective and ensures it achieves all its aims. 

It can be a family dog if you raise it ideally and in a suitable environment. In America, most Pitbull owners grow them for wrong intentions. 


Generally, the American Pitbull is a healthy breed. However, certain diseases attack this breed. As the owner, you should be keen to identify and treat these diseases. 

Common diseases that affect the Pitbull are heart disease, allergies, hyperthyroidism, and many more. 


The Pitbull is a domestic animal, and unlike the wolf, it largely depends on humans for food. The amount of food that an adult Pitbull takes depends on many factors. 

It includes things like age, builds and size, and many more. For the Pitbull to be intense, you need to feed it well. 

The food quality should be good. The Pitbull is also susceptible to obesity. Ensure the proportion is right. 


Generally, this breed physical and mental characteristic is so strong. The bad thing is the excellent features make Pitbull handling tricky. 

However, they are very responsive when it comes to training. During training, you should ensure you make the dog obedient as early as possible. 

The breed tends to have temper issues. It would be best if you were vaccinated timely. It prevents any complications when it comes to contact with other dog breeds. 

The Pitbull adapts well to a different environment. It can indeed get along well with the city like if the conditions are excellent. The dog is also very playful and can offer you company anytime.

It should have enough training space where they can release the energy. You should train the dog well. Without proper training, Pitbull can be very destructive and dangerous. 

The bad thing about Pitbull is its late maturity. The breed becomes completely mature between two and three years. 

The Pitbull has been bred to fight other dogs for hundreds of years. That’s why they are strong enough to make attacks on other animals. 

With the fighting background, the Pitbull will pick up a fight with a wolf at any time. It would be best if you also watched when they are around other dog breeds. However, I’m confident the Pitbull and wolf fight will be for self-defense. 


The wolf is from the Canidae family and is the most prominent member. The wolves have three main species, and the subspecies are around forty. 

The most popular species is the grey species. People refer to it as the tundra wolf, plains wolf, and ordinary wolf. Noticing the grey wolf is relatively easy; its fur is grey with some black and white variations. 

Characteristics Of The Wolf

The wolves are ordinary in North Africa, Europe, North America, and Asia. The average weight of the wolf is ninety-nine pounds, but wolves can grow up to two hundred pounds. 

Pitbull weighs less. This certainly offers them an advantage when it comes to the fight. 

The Bond

Wolves are known to hunt in packs, and the pack leader is known as the alpha pack. The group usually contains ten to thirty members. 

Living in the pack enables the wolves to feed and raise the pups ideally. The wolves also form an emotional bond and take care of their injured and sick. The pack living allows for proper communication.

Knowledge and Intelligence

As mentioned severally, the wolf is a brilliant animal. It teaches its kid how to treat injuries and take care of wounds. 

The mature wolves also educate the kids on the value of groups and are helpful during migration. Naturally, the wolf is a family animal. 

The older wolves are great hunters. They usually teach various hunting techniques and strategies to younger ones. All this information help maintain the culture of the wolves. 


The average lifespan of the wolf is eight years. In the wild, it can live to thirteen years. A grown wolf has thirteen teeth that are uniquely arranged to slice and puncture food. 

They primarily feed on meat and fish. The teeth can also tear flesh from bones well. With such teeth, the wolf can easily pull into the Pitbull’s bones. 

The great strength of the wolves allows them to travel up to twelve miles in a single day in search of food.  


The wolf is not so aggressive, and thus they do not run fast after their prey. Mostly wolves sit and wait for the perfect time to strike. 

It’s a complex animal that can be playful at times and also very aggressive. But the amount of aggressiveness depends on the situation. Again the wolf is not that emotionally connected. 

It takes days and years to blend with others. The Pitbull does integrate quickly into a family.  Plus wolfs tend to avoid interactions with humans. 

It’s because the human has been hunting them for years. The wolves do have little respect for humans. 


In animal behavior, that’s between the Pitbull and wolf. The wolf’s species is more dominant and assertive. The Pitbull also some several strengths, though.  

The wolf has a great bite force than the Pitbull. Plus, they are one of the prevalent predators in the desert and have faced much more dangerous prey than the Pitbull.

A fight between a Pitbull and a wolf can be exceptional. I can say that winning against each other is dependent on the battle situation. 

However, the wolf is more potent because of its aggression and size. Plus, they have great stamina and intelligence than the Pitbull. All these give it an upper hand and can thus win the battle. 

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