Is Superdry A Good Brand? The Verdict

Is Superdry A Good Brand? The Verdict

There are many wear brands for men and women brands on the market today. We could forgive anyone for erroneously assuming that consumers have many choices. Finding the right brand that offers everything you need in a clothing brand can be quite tasking at times. 

Suppose you are not into luxury shopping or buying luxury outfits. In that case, you will understand that affordability, comfort, and long-lasting are some words people look out for when shopping for clothes. 

Now, let’s address this question.

Is Superdry a good brand?

Yes, Superdry is a great brand. It is incredible to find one where you can shop both male and female clothing of good quality at the price which is available at Superdry; considering the wide range of clothing brands in the market now,

What’s more? If you want a contemporary style, vintage or casual outfit, you are likely to find it at Superdry. The brand has evolved over the years and still manages to keep up with modern fashion demands. 

Among the brands that have become popular across the UK, Europe, and overseas, Superdry is one brand that has captured the attention of many. Read more about what Superdry is all about.

What Superdry Is 

Superdry is a UK-branded clothing company. It was founded in 2003 by Julian Dunkerton, one of the founders of ‘Cult Clothing’ and designer James Holder who was running a skatewear company called ‘Bench.’ 

The company is one of the few retailing companies in Britain listed on the London Stock Exchange. It started out producing sweats and hoodies with original materials designed to keep people warm. As the name implies, it was to keep the cold out and leave the skin fresh and dry. 

But as the company grew, the company expanded into other styles of clothing. It incorporated a range of shorts, polos, and T-shirts for men and women, maintaining its promise of delivering quality fabrics. 

One of the things which distinguished the Superdry brand from other brands was its unique designs. The brand produces a fusion of streetwear styles and simple yet classy clothing. Superdry produces its clothing with different aesthetics for different seasons.

Superdry started as a small company in Cheltenham, UK, and has become a global brand. When it went public, it became an instant hit due to its use of organic materials like wool, pure fiber, and cotton in producing its wear. 

Not only did it provide the comfort consumers were desperately in need of, but they were also made available at pocket-friendly prices. The prices were the main reason people chose the brand against its competitors.

The brand went from being relatively known to becoming one of the most popular brands among consumers. 

How Did Superdry Become A Popular Brand? 

Nothing attracts human attention more than mystery. Superdry brand created an exciting mix of Western and Eastern fashion styles. This fusion of two opposite worlds and cultures resulted in new and unique designs of clothing released by the brand. The tagline “British Design. Spirit of Japan” was enough to capture the attention of people. 

Again, the designs and items were limited when they first came into the market. Of course, we know the importance people attach to things when it is not readily available in the market. Thus, clothes were quickly sold off the tracks whenever released because everyone wanted to identify with the brand. 

What Brand Of Items Does Superdry Have?

Although they started out selling a select few clothing items (hoodies and jackets mainly), the brand has since branched out into other types of wear and clothing accessories. 

As their market grew and the demand for items emblazoned ‘Superdry’ increased, the brand decided to oblige its customers by expanding its products. Now customers can also get accessories from the store. 

Superdry now deals on a wide range of jumpers, plain tees, embroidery T-shirts, V-neck T-shirts, Tri T-shirts, pullover hoodies, coats, jackets, backpacks, rucksacks, gymnastic shoes, flip flops, cheap watches, polos, shorts (including swim shorts), and classic boxers, etc. 

Is Superdry A Luxury Brand? 

Although it is a fashion brand, Superdry is not a luxury brand. It is a brand that cares enough about common people to produce quality outfits for them. 

Superdry is a brand for everyday people. Interestingly, the brand enjoys patronage from people from all walks of life. A few years back, the brand Superdry became a rave of the moment and an instant hit. 

Celebrities like David Beckham and Pippa Middleton wore and endorsed the brand. At some point, Idris Elba had a clothing line with the brand. 

It was not a marketing strategy. It just happened that these influential people patronized the brand and liked what they got. Ultimately, what kept customers coming was how cool the clothes were and their amazing prices. 

Unlike when a celebrity would endorse a brand, and fans struggle to save money to get those items, with Superdry, it was so easy to get attached to the brand because their prices were relatable. While Superdry tries to produce fashionable items from time to time, they have also maintained their price-friendly culture. 

Why Do People Love Superdry? 

Versatility, originality, simplicity, style, and comfort are some words that readily come to mind when you think of Superdry. The brand has stuck to its vision over the years and has endeared them in customers’ minds. 

When you go through the different reviews from customers, you will find people who love the brand for their original styles and the quality of their outfits. People have come to love the brand because of the value they give. 

It will also not be wrong to imply that the seasonal discounts offered by Superdry occasionally have contributed to the patronage Superdry enjoys. Everybody loves a good deal, especially if the discount comes from one of your favorite retail brands.

Do People Dislike Superdry?

In all honesty, it is hard to find a brand that is 100% loved by everyone. In the case of Superdry, the popularity which first endeared the brand to consumers has become a reason for dislike. 

As the brand became fashionable, the clothes also became “too common” that everyone was wearing them, including middle schoolers. Some people dislike outfits that everyone is wearing. People love the idea of unavailability, which is no more the case for Superdry. 

Another reason people may dislike Superdry is its branding. One user on Reddit stated that having ‘SUPERDRY’ emblazoned boldly in front of his sweats or hoodies is off-putting, and he would prefer if they made the branding a little inconspicuous. 

To put this in context, Superdry has two ways of branding its clothes. One way is by stylishly placing the name or logo on the top left side of the wear in small fonts, which works well for most people. The other way is by placing the word ‘SUPERDRY’ in bold fonts in front or at the back of the garment. Consumers did not appreciate this latter method. 

Where Can You Find Superdry Clothing? 

Superdry has its main store and office on Regent Street, London. They also have several other outlets across the UK; you can find the addresses on their website. 

As part of its international expansion strategies, the brand has outlets in Munich – Germany, China, and several states in the USA. Customers located in countries with no physical Superdry store can purchase the brand’s items on Amazon. 

Superdry’s Relationship With Japan 

Many people have been wondering about the relationship between Superdry and Japan, especially since they started printing Japanese inscriptions on their outfits. The answer is simple – style and craft.

Superdry is a purely British company that has embraced the fusion of arts and style into its brand. For example, the inspiration for most of their t-shirts was vintage American fashion. 

It is not uncommon for brands to adopt cultural expressions of places with rich cultures into their brand. It is what Superdry has done with their brand. It is simply a case of falling in love with a place with rich history and paying homage to it. 

According to the Times’s Julia Werdigier, Superdry results from two business partners (Dunkerton and Holder) having a brainstorming session in a Tokyo bar and coming up with the name. Though grammatically incorrect, the inscription 極度乾燥しなさい is usually added to the company’s logo or printed on some of the brand’s T-shirts, polos, or hoodies. 

The company admitted that the inscription, which translates to ‘Do Superdry,’ might be grammatically incorrect, but it has become a sort of fashion statement; thus, there will be no need to change it. 


Superdry is a brand for people who want to look stylish and simple on a budget. The appeal is not just on its affordability but also on its unique designs and the quality it brings. 

Aside from the comfort people seek when choosing clothes, another thing which is appealing to customers is the range of clothing. From office wear to smart casuals and street fashion, Superdry offers customers many choices not easily found with other brands. 

More so, the exciting mix of urban style with retro inspirations is wildly appealing to customers. 

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