Is US Polo Assn A Good Brand? All You Need To Know

Is US Polo Assn A Good Brand? All You Need To Know

It was in 1890 that the US Polo Assn was founded. It’s the official brand for the popular US polo association. The association is a non-profit body that governs the sport of polo in the United States. 

Today the brand sells across 135 countries. You can get the brand products from various stores like US Polo Assn stores, retailers, departments, etc. 

The logos and trademarks of the US Polo Assn worldwide are under USPA Properties Inc’s management. This company is a subsidiary that USPA wholly owns.  

The revenue from global sales of the brand products has made it possible for USPA to increase the benefits of member players. 

Plus it can promote the sport from various training centers. In this article, we are going to look at the famous US Polo Assn Brand. To find out if it’s a great brand. So!

Is US Polo Assn a Good Brand?

Yes, The US Polo Assn is an excellent brand. The brand is known to produce sportswear that has that classic American style primarily. 

The famous brand has kept that traditional menswear design new and fresh. However, it adds several modern twists to this menswear. The brand products are also not as expensive as its competitors. 

Additional Information About The US Polo Assn Brand 

According to the CEO and customers, the US Polo Assn is not just a familiar brand. To them, it’s more of an experience. 

Each time a customer buys the brand’s retailer from any store, they get to own a sport of polo piece directly. The US Polo Assn brand is the only brand globally that directly and officially connects to USPA. 

The USPA (United States Polo Association) is among the oldest bodies that govern sports in the United States.

As mentioned, the revenue from footwear, apparel for children, women, and men enables the body to fund the sport. 

Through the funds, it can also create professional events, do sponsorships, and many more.  

You should, however, note that the Polo brand has no relations whatsoever with Ralph Lauren. He is the current CEO of the company and has been with it for years. Something that makes people confused. 

What Is The US Polo Assn Brand Known For? 

Today the US Polo Assn has become of the best menswear manufacturers in the world. As mentioned, the clothing company did start in New York City in 1890. 

Since then, the company has grown into a large and formidable clothing company in the world. The brand is known for sportswear that has that rich American style. 

It has ensured that the traditional American menswear retains the new and fresh look with some modern twists. There is one thing that people tend to worry about: the pricing of the brand’s clothing. 

Even though the brand is relatively upscale, the price of its products is not as high as those of its competitors in the clothes industry. 

I can assure you that the Polo Assn can make you look fabulous and exquisite. Streetwear has evolved. 

Today it’s no longer a trend but a lifestyle. Plus, the wear is not only restricted to the urban city types, unlike before. 

The brand does have a range of quality clothing such as jackets for kids, men, women, jeans, and shirts. 

The US Polo Assn apparel line has several types of clothing like woven shirts, shorts, knitwear, polo shirts, denim. 

The brand products are well priced. Meaning the products are pretty affordable and durable. 

The US Polo Assn Best-Selling Product

The US Polo Assn brand has various products. Here are some of the best-selling Polo Assn products based on customers. 

Men’s Polo Shirts  

The US Polo Assn men’s polo shirts are among the best shirts to go for. With this polo shirt, you will get that vintage look. 

The details on the placket, buttons, collar, and cuffs make the men’s polo shirts stand out. The shirt also has a classic fit and is made of the breathable pic. 

To feel relaxed, you should pair that shirt with chinos and sneakers. It will not only make you feel comfortable but will also give you a sporty look. 

If you are a man, you should not miss this shirt in your wardrobe. It’s because the polo shirt is a wardrobe staple in America. With the polo shirt, nothing can go wrong. You can wear it to the office or the weekend BBQ.  

In addition, classics are always exquisite. You will have that great and individual look. The men’s polo shirts come in seven different colors, but they fit slim and have a button-down collar.  

The design of this shirt was inspired by a sport that was quite popular in the back centuries. Therefore the shirt always stays classic and timeless. 

Another great thing is that the shirt is breathable and lightweight because of the ultrafine pique cotton. It also has a slim fit which allows it to fit around the shoulders, chest, and arms perfectly. The shirt also features the iconic logo at the chest and many more great features. 

Men’s Watches

Above, I have highlighted all the great features of the Polo shirt. Like the polo shirt, the US Polo Assn sports watch is another product that has several great features. 

You can wear the watch with or without the polo watch. It matches perfectly with all other wears. The sport US9281is the perfect replica watch for any urban man that is active. 

It’s also water-resistant up to 330 feet, meaning you won’t have to worry about the rains, plus you can go to the swimming pool with it. The design of the watch is perfect, being sleek and of excellent quality. 

The great thing about the watch is that it’s so affordable. Other features include light functions, a dual time zone, and a clock. 

Crop Tops 

Let’s take a look at the girls’ fashion from the US Polo Assn brand. The girls’ crop tops made by the US Polo Assn brand are great and unique. 

The tops have been made with great design. It has embroidered star detail with stripes that make it unique. The crop tops can be used in different sports with modal leggings made of cotton.  

The girls’ fashion tops from the Polo brand are made from single fabric pieces. The fabric piece is cut and then stitched together. 

It’s done carefully to ensure you are comfortable and it fits well.  The crop tops are made of fine soft cotton. 

Because of this, the crop tops feel great on the skin, plus you can wash them using machines without worries of it getting spoilt. You can get the crop tops in various colors, plus it is so rich in details. 

Casual Dresses  

Like other US Polo Assn clothes, casual dresses also have that casual look that is timeless. The dress is made of fine fabric, which makes it easy to care for. 

It also has side pockets that offer convenience; she can carry stuff around in the pocket. The dress has a simple design, which will surely make it her favorite and perfect playtime dress. 

It also has a wraparound sash that makes it more comfortable and stylish. If you love something unique, casual, soft, and eye-catching, I vouch for the casual polo dress for you. 

Men’s Sunglasses

The sunglasses are among the US Polo Assn products that have excellent ratings. However, it has also received several poor ratings. To me, the glasses are fair to almost good. 

The most popular sunglasses made by the company were known as Aviators. They were so common in the 20th century and are still quite popular even today. 

The retro classic aviator glasses are great for those who love the vintage look. It also contains a sophisticated twist, making them the perfect choice for outdoor activities like fishing, golf, and sailing. You can also use the glasses in your day-to-day activities. 

Women’s Watches

The brand also has some great women’s watches that have analog quartz displays. The watch is undoubtedly stylish. You can show your love for the polo brand through the watch. 

The watch is the perfect choice for any woman that wants to look professional and stylish at the same time. 

Other than the extraordinary style that makes it beautiful, the watch is easy to read and classy. I can guarantee that the watch is suitable for its value. 


The Polo brand has a great history, having being formed in the late 1800s. Through good management, the brand was so famous by 1904. 

Because of this, a store was opened in New York City, and it later expanded to other countries such as Spain, England, and Paris. In 1988, Ralph Lauren bought the company. 

Today the polo brand is among the major labels in the world. It makes high-end clothes and accessories but is not as expensive as its counterparts. 

The products from this company always have that classic look with the American touch. 

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