Is Worldventures A Pyramid Scheme? What You Should Know About Worldventures

Is Worldventures A Pyramid Scheme? What You Should Know About Worldventures

World Ventures is a legal business that was founded in Australia by Dan Stammen and Wayne Nugent- the duo had previous experiences in multilevel marketing businesses and had come together to float a new one. Unlike many other MLM companies, the main product sold by World ventures is travel packages. Many people continuously question the company’s legitimacy and even refer to it as a pyramid scheme because members have to pay for it. If you can convince people to earn while traveling to their favorite vacation destinations, then this business is for you.

So, is Worldventures a Pyramid Scheme?

No, World venture is multilevel marketing that allows members to earn why they go on vacations.

How Do Worldventures Work?

World ventures work on the primarily membership-subscription base. This means there is an initial signup fee plus a recurring monthly membership fee. As a member, you will earn points you can redeem when you travel to your preferred destinations. Rewards often come in discount coupons to find cheaper deals on your travel itinerary.

In addition to the discounted travel packages on this program, you can access some Dream trip events, as well as free transport, excursions, upgraded accommodation, and many more. This entails earning by referral, which is called “sharing your membership.” In return for sharing your membership or referring others, you will earn dream trip points for every new person that signs up under you.

This sounds easy, though, especially if you are good with convincing people who travel a lot. The program sounds great, but there is a catch; you will get an initial DreamTrips point when you sign up under someone, but you can’t use these points until your first anniversary. Once you hit one year of making monthly payments, you will gain access to a limited amount of points from your accrued DreamTrips points. Unused DreamTrips that you qualify to use will expire automatically after a year.

What Are The Types Of Available Membership?

There are two membership options available on Worldventures, these are;

  • Gold Tier
  • Platinum tier

 1. Gold Tier

The Gold tier membership is the primary or foundational membership plan here. You pay a one-time membership fee of AUD$295 plus a monthly $AUD74. This will get you some 200 dream points that you can use when you travel. When you refer others, you earn $100 Dreamtrips points for each person who becomes active. The more referrals you sign up under you, the more points you earn.

2. Platinum Tier

This tier is more expensive than the gold tier, and the rewards are even much more. You pay a one-time fee of AUD$443 plus a monthly fee of AUD$148. This will get you up to 300 Dreamtrips points for each new active member that signs up under you.

How To Join The Worldventures Business

You will likely join this business through a referral; hence you need to find one if you don’t have them already. You can make money only through membership, and if you are satisfied with it, you can turn it into a private business.

There are two sides to the business; the customer side and the representative side. Becoming a sales agent is not mandatory, and anyone can apply for the agent position regardless of background and experience.

Once you become a member, you attend the seminars, workshops, and boot camps, though you will have to pay for some of these. The compensation plan for this business may look complicated, but the higher you get on the ranks, the more lucrative the business becomes.

What Are The Worldventures Compensation Plans?

The World ventures compensation plans are designed to reward the company’s independent representatives for successfully selling their products and supporting others to achieve the same. The following are the main compensation plans for members;

1. Direct Commission for Each Customer

World ventures pay each representative a direct commission for the initial sale of products, and the company will pay this direct commission to the representative’s enroller, you.

2. The Lifestyle Bonus Program

There are three tiers in the Worldventures lifestyle bonus program. Suppose you maintain a minimum of four active customers under you and generate a minimum of $AUD1600 in sales volume in your referral lineage per month. In that case, you will qualify for a Tier 1 lifestyle bonus of $200 per month.

Similarly, if you maintain a minimum of five active customers and generate a minimum of $AUD3200 in sales volume, you will qualify for a Tier 2 lifestyle bonus of $AUD 300 per month. If you maintain six active customers in your referral lineage and generate up to $AUD5400 a month, you will qualify for 8% of the sales volume on your lineage, and that can be up to $AUD 900 a month.

Note that all new representatives who reach the Tier 2 or Tier 3 lifestyle bonus within the first 8 weeks of weekly pay periods from enrollment will earn double the tier 2 or tier 3 lifestyle bonus within those 8 weeks.

3. Personal Sales Bonus on 6 Customers

If a representative achieves the signing of 6 customers within a 4-weekly calendar month, they will earn a $AUD 250 personal sales bonus. New customers will count towards personal sales bonus for every four weeks. If you get the personal bonus, you will also get a free $AUD 100 training bonus.

4. The Weekly Bonus

The weekly bonus is for representatives who have achieved a minimum of four personal customer sales. This means they can make downline representative placements on both sides of their binary organization. You wouldn’t be eligible for binary team weekly bonuses until you achieve this.

You will accumulate sales credits based on the initial product based on the initial purchase of the customers they made. A cycle is generated for every three sales credits on the right and left sides, and each of these weekly bonus cycles will pay up to $100.

Representatives that reach the National Marketing Director level or above will not receive double cycles bonuses.

5. Monthly Residual Commissions

Once you achieve four personal sales as a representative, you will make downline representative placements on both sides of the binary organization. Until this time, you wouldn’t qualify for the monthly residual commissions.

You will get monthly residual commissions as a senior representative or higher rank on the monthly sales generated by your downline members. You will accumulate credits based on the sales from each customer from your downline. Monthly cycle bonuses can pay up to $10. If you have reached the rank of a senior representative like a director, the value of each cycle to earn monthly residual commission will be $15.

Other Bonuses And Rewards From Worldventures

World ventures offer some other incredible rewards to their loyal representatives, and these include the following;

1. Dreamcar Bonus

Once you achieve the position of a regional marketing director level, World Venture will pay you a monthly $1000 as a Dreamcar bonus. This bonus will increase to $1500 monthly when you attain the level of international Marketing Director. The Dreamcar Bonus is superior to the Lifestyle car bonus.

2. DreamHome Bonus

World Venture WILL pay representatives who have achieved the international marketing director level a DreamHome bonus of up to $3000 monthly. You can check the company’s website for the full details of this bonus package.

3. Training Dollars

The training dollars are awarded to all levels of representatives. These funds can be redeemed to pay for all World Ventures training programs. The training dollars vary, and you need to check the company’s website for details.

4. TravelDollars

TravelDollars can be retrieved only through the company. These bonuses are designed to reward representatives for covering some of the costs of their travel expenses.

The Worldventures Promotional Level

The following are the different stages or promotional levels in Worldventures;

  • Enrolled Representative
  • Active Representative
  • Qualified Representative
  • Senior representative
  • Director
  • Marketing director
  • Regional marketing director
  • National marketing director
  • International marketing director

You can become a qualified rep only if you have generated 4 sales to four customers. To become a senior representative, you must have recruited a minimum of 30 representatives under you. To become a director, you should have at least 140 active customers you have traded with. To become a marketing director, you should have at least 400 active customers under you. To become a regional marketing director, you must have at least 900 active members. To become a national marketing director, you must have done business with at least 1,800 active members. Keep in mind that the monthly membership fee stops once you attain the senior representative position.

It is easy to ascribe a pyramid scheme to Worldventures, looking at the number of customers that can get you promoted to the next level. However, you can’t conclude this program is a pyramid scheme because it is possible to make money by referring people to join your downline. The issue here is that the active members under you must do business with as many customers as they can to get you promoted and qualify for bonuses.

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