Are Yaber Projectors Good- Are They Worth Your Time?

Are Yaber Projectors Good- Are They Worth Your Time?

Yaber is a new name in the projector industry that started making projectors in 2016. They quickly made a name for themselves, and you might have come across this name if you were looking for a projector to buy.

In case you are interested but not sure whether their projectors are worth it or not, we have decided to write this article.

Here, we’ll talk about the Yaber brand and help answer the question; are Yaber projectors good? We’ll also look at some of their projector models to give you a better idea.

About Yaber

Yaber is primarily an online store that deals with projectors and home audio devices. Their products are sold in 46 countries, but they also offer shipping to selected locations. 

The brand founder, Vincent, has found the company with the idea of bringing the cinema experience right to your home. They offer a large variety of projectors of different qualities, including 1080p and 720p qualities. 

What Does Yaber Projectors Offer?

First and foremost, Yaber has many projectors for sale with different resolution options, with their most popular ones being 1080p native resolution. They also make their models easy to use, with various functions to help control the projector better. 

With precision controls and a one-touch reset option, you can quickly change and fix the orientation as required. 

That also applies to their numerous projection or screen options and allows you to control the projected screen.  

Their digital keystone correction allows for both horizontal and vertical adjustment, so you can make the most use out of it regardless of using it outdoors or indoors.

The brightness options are numerous, especially their outdoor variants. Yaber makes use of high-quality LED lights to ensure a clean viewing experience. 

For a better cinematic experience, their projectors also come with stereo sound with high-quality audio. They reduce the need for you to get extra speakers for a better viewing experience.

A lot of the Yaber projectors are priced reasonably, and they are pretty budget-friendly projectors. If you want a projector for hobby purposes or want to try one out, they are quite an excellent place. Their fair price is one of the best things about them.

Notable Yaber Projectors

We’ve covered a bit about what you can expect from these projectors, and now we’ll sample some of their projectors in greater detail. That will give you a better idea of whether they are worth your time or not. We’ll also mention who these projectors are useful for:

1. Yaber Y31

The Y31 is a portable projector that is decent compact in size and very lightweight compared to its competition. With its neat size and shape, it is easy to carry around in a bag. However, although it is smaller in size, it is not lacking in power.

1080 pixel resolution options are offered, including the ability to play 4K videos. The 8500L of brightness provided is quite remarkable for a projector its size. 

As a result, the video quality is quite impressive, making it usable for many different tasks. You do not need to worry about downscaling, so your videos won’t look squashed while playing them on this projector.

3 Watt dual stereo speakers are built into the projector, so you won’t need external speakers to hear audio. Although the speakers aren’t as great as premier high-quality speakers, the sound produced is still quite audible and crisp. 

Power usage in this projector is very efficient, leading it to have a long life even when used with max brightness.

Standard ports are included, so you have your usual options of connecting the display or speakers.

Who Is This Best for?

The Y31 is suitable for anyone. It is one of the most budget-friendly projectors yet specs-wise; it is incredibly decent for many tasks. You can use it to showcase slides for a presentation and even use it for an outdoor movie night. It is pretty easy to set up and very portable.

Although there are projectors with higher specs available in the market, the Y31 is ideal for its price. It’s a popular pick amongst Yaber projectors because of its price, easy-to-use nature, and general versatility. 

2. Yaber V6

The Yaber V6 is another excellent budget projector. It is slightly heavier than the Y31 but has slightly higher specs, including higher brightness and longer battery life. It retains a similarly compact design and shapes for easier packing. Setting it up is also easy, coming with a detailed instruction manual.

For the Yaber V6, the best part is that it is made with various connectivity options. Alongside the standard ports for cables, both WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity options are available. These connectivity options are easy to set up, and you can set up a network. You can use your mobile to control and play the projector.

A digital keystone correction system is implemented for this device. This allows you a greater degree of control over your projector and better projection settings. Both vertical and horizontal adjustment is included in this.

Who Is This Best For?

Similar to the Y31, the V6 is also quite versatile although, it is slightly harder to carry around. The V6 sees more use in schools and teaching institutes. 

This is primarily due to the easy connectivity options, which makes it possible for teachers to showcase teaching materials or excerpts during lessons quickly. The V6 can also be used for showcasing slides in a project as long as you can easily connect to it or have permission to connect to it.

3. Yaber Y60

With the Y60, you get the option to have a giant screen- one of the largest in the Yaber collection. It supports high-resolution options without downscaling or decompressing, so you’ll have some of the best picture quality with the Y60. 

Although heavier, this model is quite durable and comes with an LCD panel for operation. Alongside manual operation, you also have Bluetooth connectivity. A cooling system is in place, so you can use the Y60 for longer tasks without worrying about the projector heating up. Ports for external audio devices are included.

Who Is This Best for?

If you want to enjoy movie nights with your friends, this is one of the best projectors from Yaber for you. The crisp picture quality and huge screen size make for a great viewing experience. 

But, the only problem would be the lack of an internal audio system, so you will need external speakers that you can connect. Fortunately, this model makes use of an HDMI port and works with many different types of speakers.

Any Problems With Yaber Projectors?

There aren’t any huge issues with Yaber projectors, but there are some minor issues in some models. One issue that you might encounter, mainly in projectors with a cooling system, is the noise from the fan. 

This can prove annoying to some people and ruin their viewing experience. This sound becomes quite noticeable if you’re using the projector for a long time.

The other issue is that focus controls in the Yaber projectors aren’t as great as some other projectors. You might notice some blurry edges when using some projectors. This is less of an issue with the newer models, which make use of high-quality German-made lenses. 


So, are Yaber projectors good? The short answer is yes, they are. Although the issue of noise from cooling systems is still prevalent, their newer models have worked on reducing it. More recent models also have better focus, and so pictures have less blurry edges.

If you are on a budget and need a decent projector, Yaber offers that. They have a wide variety of projectors for sale outside of the samples we’ve covered. It’s pretty easy to find projectors with the specs you want and get them at a reasonable price.

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