Does Planet Fitness Drug Test?

Does Planet Fitness Drug Test?

Planet Fitness does not conduct drug tests as part of the hiring procedures.

Aspiring job seekers or even active members can get a membership at planet fitness without any tests.

Planet Fitness is a gym with locations all around the US. They pride themselves on their inclusive workout culture and low prices to allow everyone the chance to get in shape and get healthy.

Let us take a sneak peek at Planet fitness’s work culture today.

Employment Demands at Planet Fitness

To work for Planet Fitness, you must be at 18 years or older, physically strong enough to walk and stand for the whole of your shift, and great at customer service.

The candidate requires a high school degree. For some jobs, further training programs may be necessary before official hiring. 

Perks of Being an Employee at Planet Fitness

-Flexible schedules and work-life balance. 

-Great benefits include 401K, dental/vision/life insurance, and so on. Paid time off is accrued based on years at the company and includes sick leave, personal days, holidays, etc., not just vacation. 

-Generous discounts on fitness club memberships for employees only (planet fitness included).

-Opportunities for advancement if you show that you want it! (Promotions don’t happen automatically). 

-Planet Fitness is a company that cares about its employees and invests in them by providing training and development workshops on an ongoing basis to ensure they all have the tools they need to succeed at their jobs. This kind of investment from upper management doesn’t always exist within companies so it is very encouraging as well as refreshing! 

Happy staff means happy customers. On top of everything else above they are also growing rapidly which is just icing on the cake.

Hiring Process at Planet Fitness

The normal job applications can be found on the website of the company. Along with the standard job application, you should additionally send the details of experience and competencies and a professional resume to Planet Fitness.

A discussion with the manager of the club, followed by a regional manager, is usually the first step in the interview process. Interviews might be scheduled on the same day or at different times throughout the day. Or spread out over multiple days.

The majority of applicants take one day to complete each Planet Fitness interview. To allow for a comprehensive examination of other candidates and the ability to make relevant judgment calls, the complete process could take around a week. 

Why Planet Fitness Does Not Drug Test Its Employees

The main reason why drug tests are not required for employees at planet fitness is that the company wants to have a more relaxed environment. They don’t want their employees worrying about being drug tested.

With that being said they still require their employees to be sober during business hours of operation. 

Another reason Planet Fitness does not drug test its employees is that it is a big cost. Some companies will hire outside agencies to come in and test employees, but this can be very expensive. 

This does not mean that they have no standards of behavior or do not care if their employees get high at work. There will be consequences for doing so such as suspension from employment without pay until the situation has been resolved. 

Pros of Conducting Drug Tests at the Workplace

The first benefit is workplace safety. Employers are in charge of their workers’ welfare. Employees who use drugs pose a hazard to themselves and others, increasing accidents on the job.

Drug testing can help identify those individuals with substance abuse problems so they may receive treatment or be removed from harm’s way.

Another benefit of mandatory drug tests relates directly back to employee health itself: regular screenings for illegal substances often serve as an early warning sign before more serious issues occur. 

For example, many drug users start by taking legally prescribed medications to treat various conditions before they graduate to more dangerous substances.

Continuing regular screening can help identify and address problems early on when the impact is minimal rather than waiting until something serious happens that requires medical treatment or other significant expenses down the line.

As far as job performance goes, employees who are not under the influence of drugs tend to be happier in their roles – leading to increased engagement levels throughout an organization while decreasing turnover rates among workers overall.

This trend has also been correlated with lower injury rates for companies where substance abuse screenings are conducted regularly. It’s worth noting here that certain industries/occupations require random testing due to safety concerns regarding the performance of certain jobs (e.g., airline pilots, truck drivers).

Cons of Conducting Drug Tests at the Workplace

Inappropriate use of testing at work could result in the loss of staff members. In addition, some employees may feel that they are being treated as though their behavior is a problem when conducting drug tests for inappropriate activity while on company property or during working hours. 

Furthermore, this can lead to increased turnover and decreased morale among staff members who are not using drugs illegally according to federal law by conducting random drug testing. 

Additionally, it costs money each time a test must be conducted which leads companies with tight budgets sometimes unwilling to pay for such tests. Unless situations occur where there has already been evidence of illegal activities taking place between an employee and employer.

Another major drawback of conducting drug tests at the workplace is that it cannot give accurate results, as most people can mask their usage by taking certain over-the-counter drugs or they simply quit using drugs before going for such testing. Moreover, a false positive result may lead to termination of employment without any reason.

Final Thoughts

Planet fitness believes in the concept of a judgment-free zone. This means that they do not allow their members to judge other people who are there for any reason. If you are looking to apply for a job at Planet Fitness now you know that you will not be required to complete a drug test.

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