IOTV Vs Plate Carrier –  What You Should Know About These Armors

IOTV Vs Plate Carrier –  What You Should Know About These Armors

The improved Outer Tactical Vest (IOTV) and plate carrier are military body protection or armor for combat missions. The IOTV is an improved and replacement option for the Interceptor Body armor (IBA) and older version that has been used for decades. Fortunately, the IOTV can be used alone or loaded with he plate carrier but the weight can be too much for some individuals to handle. IOTV has been brought to the fore because of the numerous features it provides in addition to protection. It is also important to consider the plate carrier for its numerous benefits.

So, what is the Difference Between IOTV and Plate Carrier?

IOTV is a tremendous improvement over plate carrier. It comes with a single-stage quick release and many other features not found on plate carrier. 

The Birth Of An Upgraded Body Armor

On April 2, 2007, the US army announced in Fort Belvoir , VA` , the need to upgrade the body armor of its personal and increase protection against bullets and fragments . The army also announced that it will field an improved outer tactical vest to soldiers, especially those deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq. 

What Are The Main Features Of The IOTV ?

The Improved Outer Tactical Vest (IOTV), has gone through several revisions over time. These revisions were based on the real-world combat feedbacks. The IOTV is compatible with many other devices , including the Enhanced Small Arms Protective Insert (ESAPI) and the Interceptor body armor groin protection and plates. 

Today, the IOTV has become the standard issued vest to all US army soldiers and this standard has been in existence since 2oo6. The IOTV can be configured from its basic vest form to its full-up system plus a groin protection. It also comes with added lower-back protection,  neck and throat protection, and deltoid protection. 

What are the Main Features on the IOTV?

The IOTV carrier comes with the following main features;

  • Increased MOLLE pouch areas.
  • Modular components.
  • Full-wrap cummerbund-style closure.
  • Reinforced drag handle.
  • Adjustable side plates.
  • Donn/doff of vest every 48 hours.
  • Less weight.
  • 360 degrees MOLLE webbing.
  • Single-hand emergency Egress Quick Release.
  • Denier Cordura 500 Outer Carrier.
  • More coverage than plate carrier.
  • Removable ESBI/ESAPI-X small side ballistic protection.
  • Lower back protector.

What Are The Benefits Of IOTV- Main Differences Between IOTV And Plate Carrier

There are so many differences between IOTV and plate carriers and most of these differences seem to be benefits for IOTV.

1. Less Weight

IOTV is designed to reduce weight at the shoulders. This extra weight is moved from the shoulder to the lower torso. This is a feature that is not available on the plate carrier. 

2. The 360 degrees MOLLE Webbing

This is another feature you will find on IOTV but not available on plate carrier. This feature will allow you attach all kinds of small , medium and large equipment to your vest with ease. It comes with a special secured hook or clamp that ensures the attached equipment stays in place. 

3. Single-hand Emergency Egress Quick-release System

This is a system that ensures that you put on or remove the vest with ease. The quick-release make sure you don’t get entangled to the vest and it ensures that the vest does not get hooked to your clothing or any part of the body. Though the plate carrier also comes with its own release system, it is not as convenient as this one. 

4. Denier Cordura 500 Outer Layer Carrier

The outer part of IOTV carrier is made of the 500 Cordura material, which is completely different from what you see on plate carrier. This material is flame-resistant, which makes it even much safer especially in combat situations where soldiers are in constant touch with fire. 

5. Despite weighing around 3 lbs

Less than the plate carrier, the IOTV proves wider coverage for the users. An IOTV of the same surface area with plate carrier will provide better coverage in all combat situations. 

6. Removable ESBI/ESAPI-X Small Side Ballistic Protection

This is one feature that you wouldn’t find on the plate carrier, though the plate carrier offers numerous protections. The removable ESBI/ESAPI-X small side ballistic protection will provide sufficient coverage under the arms and down the sides of the torso of the IOTV user. 

7. The Lower-back Protector

There is a lower-back protector feature on this vest that

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