Is Acoustic Audio A Good Brand? A Detailed Analysis

Is Acoustic Audio A Good Brand? A Detailed Analysis

It is no secret that with the decreasing price of home theatre systems, the demand of good quality speaker set and sound systems are constantly increasing. 

The market has been saturated with a thousand brands to meet this demand that promises to get you the best quality sound for your money.

One such brand is Acoustic Audio. They are not a newcomer in this segment, and their speakers have gained a following due to their price to performance ratio. 

But is Acoustic Audio a good brand? Are they the right choice for your home or office space? We have brought this article out for you today so that you know everything there is to know about this brand of speakers and other audio equipment. 

Let’s take a comprehensive look at them:

An Overview Of Acoustic Audio

Before knowing anything about Acoustic Audio, you need to be familiarized with the name Goldwood. They are a brand created in the early 90s and started off their journey as an OEM speaker manufacturer. 

OEM is short for original equipment manufacturers, and this term is prevalent in the tech industry. What an OEM does is that they make products to order for other companies and upon delivery, the other company will rebrand and add their own flair to the product before passing it on to the consumer.

It has been a while since the 90s, and currently, Goldwood is doing things slightly differently. They are creating brands that sell the equipment they make, and you can think of these brands as subsidiaries. Theatre solutions, Art Technology, and Acoustic Audio are all such brands.

Since its creation, Acoustic Audio has become a highly regarded name in the industry. Their vertical integration of Goldwood also ensures a paying customer that they will find replacement parts incredibly easily. 

Now you should be wondering why exactly it is that you have never heard of Acoustic Audio. 

Yes, they are not a household name, and that’s because they target contractors, designers, and home builders with their marketing and then put their products in new homes or office spaces. Ask anyone in these businesses, and you will hear nothing but good words.

What Products Does Acoustic Audio Make?

They make all sorts of audio listening products from giant speaker systems, home theater sound solutions, Bluetooth enables speaker sets, portable speaker sets, high-quality audiophile headphones, and even earphones.

Even though they make these headphones and earphones, Acoustic Audio’s claim to fame comes from their speaker systems. 

They have a wide range of variety that includes the following: 

In-ceiling/wall speaker systems perfect for home theatres, 5.1 speaker systems, 7.1, speaker systems, Bluetooth stereo speakers, Indoor Centre 3-way speakers, Soundbars, Bookshelf Speakers, 2.1 speaker systems, and even simple stereo pair speakers without a dedicated subwoofer.

So, it is easy to fathom how Acoustic Audio makes something for just about anyone, and whatever your audio needs might be, they will have a product in their lineup that can meet your needs.

3 Best Selling Acoustic Audio Sound Solutions Review

Now that you can see how Acoustic Audio has a very long list of products in their lineup, let’s take a look at their few best sellers:

1. Acoustic Audio AA15LBS Bluetooth Speaker

This product was made to be the centerpiece of your living room. From design to sound quality to feature set, it covers most of the basics and does more.

Design and Physical Attributes

These speakers were made with the fashion-focused crowd in mind. The main speaker body is lined with matte black material and has 15 inches drivers. An RGB LED in the center of the drivers will display various colors and interact with whatever music or audio you are playing. 

Additionally, in the box, the speaker body comes with two handy carrying handles, real wheels to wheel it around, and even a vertical pole to prop it up if you do not like the vibration it will create on the floor. Overall, they have a bright on-your-face vibe with retro looks and eye-catching design.


As the name suggests, these are Bluetooth speakers. They are very convenient as you do not have to have them plugged into your device to play music. We spoke before about RGB LEDs, but that is also a unique and desirable feature. 

That is not all; however, they also support USB and 3.5 mm analog in terms of connectivity. Other than that, they have a built-in FM tuner so that you can listen to the radio, a control panel for adjusting the sound, and supports daisy-chaining other speakers with RCA line-level outputs.


The one thing that stands out with these is the loudness and sound quality. They have a response range of 20Hz to 20KHz and go up to 100+ decibels. Plenty loud for any average household. The installation method is also straightforward and effortless.

2. Acoustic Audio AA5400 Bluetooth 5.1 Speaker System

Like the previous one, this product is also Bluetooth enabled. You can think of it as almost the same as the last just 5.1.

Design and Physical Attributes

Everything we said about the AA15LBS still holds true. They have all-black bodies with sleek finishes and are built to catch attention in your living or bedroom. Even the RGB LEDs stay in this model. 

What’s different is that where the AA15LBS had one subwoofer and one tweeter, this model has 1 dedicated subwoofer and 5 tweeters that you should strategically place around the room to get an expansive sound space. The subwoofer has 12-inch drivers.


Since these are 5.1 Bluetooth speakers, they will take your regular stereo input and convert them to true 5.1 sound. They also have a 300-watt total system power and 6 RCA inputs for authentic surround sound. 

A 3.5mm analog connection, USB connectivity, SD card slot, and a handy remote are included. The frequency response is from 30Hz up to 20kHz.


The 5.1 feature of this speaker set comes into play with two front satellites, one center satellite, and two rear speakers. 

Needless to say, the placement of these in your room, along with being connected to the correct port, is essential. The cable lengths are long enough, and installation is also straightforward with their manual and handy remote.

3. Acoustic Audio R191 In-Wall/Ceiling Speaker System

Like any in-wall/ceiling sets, these speakers were made for home theaters. Their super reasonable or cheap price might leave a potential customer wondering if they are any good but take it from us; they really are good.

Design and Physical Attributes

These speakers come in a set of five with two front, two rear, and one center. These speakers are open back and since they will sit inside walls, how they look is not that important. 

They have approximately five-inch drivers and 12 mm soft dome tweeters. When they go inside the drywall, the only thing visible from the outside will be the grills, and you can paint them according to your preferred wall color.


Since these were made for home theatres, their area of expertise is movies and not music. However, they are really good with certain types of music like classical too. 

However, the most important thing is how they sound, and it is an absolute joy listening to music from these speakers. Vocals are crystal clear, and details are never forgotten either. But low end suffers due to the lack of a dedicated subwoofer. 


Overall, these are fantastic solutions if you want to build a home theater on the budget and make almost everyone happy. 

Is Acoustic Audio The Right Brand For Me?

Before choosing an audio system, you should pay attention to a lot of factors. Answering what speaker system is right for you entirely depends on the kinds of use you will get out of it. 

Pay close attention to the room you want to set up the speakers in, your sound preferences (do you like clear mids or punchy boomy lows), and what kind of system you are gonna run the speakers with. 

Regardless, Acoustic Audio has such a large catalog of products that all your needs can be easily met. As with every other product, do a little bit of research before pulling the trigger on a particular skew, and you would be golden.


If you read the article thus far, you would know how we basically just raved about Acoustic Audio and their great products at affordable prices. So is Acoustic Audio a good brand? Yes, they are.

In fact, they are one of the bests, and we will gladly recommend their speaker systems to pair with your TV, SmartPhone, PC, Laptop, or Home Theatre. You will not be disappointed by their amazing sound quality, affordability, versatility, and post-sale support. 

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