Is Betterworldbooks Legit? Platforms For Avid Readers

Is Betterworldbooks Legit? Platforms For Avid Readers

In today’s digital era, people spend a lot of time on the internet. So what better way for businesses to reach their customers than online? You can order clothes, food, and almost anything from the comfort of your home. 

However, many people get concerned about ordering online because of scam sites. Even bookstores are not left out. That’s why you have to vet each platform before you make a purchase.

This article focuses on vetting Betterworldbooks. It also gives you details about the platform. Read on to get the information.

Is Better world books Legit?

Yes, Betterworldbooks is legit. They sell books at affordable prices. The good thing about it is they have different genres of books in their online store. So, it’s easy for you to create your small library without breaking the bank. 

Betterworldbooks is also a go-to for sourcing rare or hard-to-find book titles. They collect and sell both used and new books. 

The online bookstore is a socially conscious business. And so, they generate funds for literary initiatives. They also donate books whenever someone makes a purchase.

Betterworldbooks Shipping And Return Policies

Betterworldbooks have customer-friendly shipping and return policies. If you opt for standard shipping, you can get your books sent to you for free. Yes, you got that right! You won’t pay a dime on shipping no matter how many books you order.

You can get your orders sent anywhere you are. That’s because Betterworldbooks offer worldwide deliveries. 

However, the delivery times differ based on your location. If you reside in the United States, it can take about 5 to 9 days. If you live close to any of Betterworldbooks distribution warehouses, you can get it earlier. But international deliveries will take about 10 to 30 days. 

If you’re ordering from outside the US, it’s best to check before you do so. That’s because their delivery became limited to certain countries due to Covid-19.

If you prefer fast deliveries, you can upgrade the shipping for a fee. 

The online bookstore has a specific return policy. You have 60 days to return any book if it’s not what you want. That’s top-notch service. The best part of it is your return gets processed within five days. And you get your refund except for the shipping cost.

Betterworldbooks Product Quality

One concern of most people who want to buy books from the platform is the book quality. It’s an essential thing to look out for from any bookstore. However, for Betterworldbooks, the quality of the items varies. That’s because they sell both new and used books.

You don’t have to worry because the store displays the state of each book. The range of books includes New, Good, Very Good, Like New, and Acceptable. That way, you can quickly know their quality before you buy them.

It’s important to note that many books on the online store are not new. So, if you’re considering using books as gifts, they may not be the best option. Unless you’re sure that the person won’t mind, if not, buy new ones. 

But you can get affordable books of good quality. If that’s your aim, look for books within the ‘Good’ or ‘Very Good’ categories. Even though they are old books, they’re still in good reading condition.

You may notice that some of the books come with library bindings. That’s because some libraries donate them. So, it’s common to see their bar codes and stamps. It’s great to know who donated such items. And that can help you value the books.

Betterworldbooks Book Pricing 

Betterworldbooks offer low prices for used books. Such books can cost about $3 to $15, which is very affordable. And compared to other bookstores, it’s low.

They also have a section on their platform called bargain bin. You can get bundle discounts and much lower prices there. An example is 35% off more than 12 books or 20% off seven used books. Sounds great, right? It’s an excellent way to build your mini library.

Betterworldbooks also sell ‘New’ and ‘Like New’ books. They are usually sold at retail prices and can sometimes cost more than Amazon. But despite that, some people prefer the online bookstore because of the purpose their profits serve.

Additionally, you have the opportunity to pay a carbon offset for the delivery. That’s because the fees you pay for your books cover that by default. And it’s just a few cents per book. So, it’s easy for you to make a big difference with something little.

Betterworldbooks Customer Service

Betterworldbooks offerings are customer-centric. Even when you use prime shipping, the books are affordable. You can even contact their customer service and be sure to get a response. They are usually warm and efficient.

However, there are times where people get their books in unprotective mailing sleeves. And that usually results in some damage if they are paperbacks. 

On a few occasions, users complain of mold or stains on the books. Some may come without the cover designs you expect. But that’s why the bookstore offers a description of the book quality. It’s best to be aware of the state of the book before you order.

Since libraries usually donate some of the books, they may not be in the best conditions.

You can use the online store effectively when you know what to buy. That’s because it’s not effective in finding your next read. You can utilize other platforms to look for that. And then purchase the specific title from Betterworldbooks.

The platform has a blog with many compelling topics. You can also find exciting releases and recommendations there. Utilize it to check out readers’ reviews of your favorite books.

Betterworldbooks Reward Plans

Not only can you buy books from Betterworldbooks, but you also stand a chance to win rewards. Yes, that’s right! You get to earn reward points for every dollar you spend on the platform. You can also earn rewards when celebrating your birthday. 

You can start earning in a few easy steps. First, ensure you sign up at Or sign in to your account if you already have one. Then click on the rewards icon on the home page. You’ll find it on the bottom right side. Sign up for the rewards program.

Some rewards include dollar-off coupons and discounts. You can refer your friends or other people to earn discounts. And the good thing is they’ll get great deals too.

On the rewards page, you’ll find all the options that can help you earn points. 

In essence, the more you buy books from the online store, the more you’ll save in the long run. 

There are various levels of rewards. They include:


You get it once you sign up. And it qualifies you to earn 8 points per dollar spent.


You get to the level when you spend up to $75 or more. It unlocks more offers and qualifies you to earn 9 points per dollar spent.


You get to this level once you spend up to $200 or more. It opens you to more ways to earn points, and you’ll get exclusive offers. You also get to earn 10 points per dollar spent.

It’s important to note that your points will expire at the end of each year. So, use them before the year runs out. Additionally, you start earning points only after you sign up for the rewards program. It doesn’t include purchases you made before that date.

How Betterworldbooks Work

Funding literary initiatives: 

Betterworldbooks supports several academic initiatives. They do this through book donations. 

The platform also helps libraries generate funds while assisting people in getting such books at affordable prices. And the surprising thing is they offer the services for free.

Another aspect is that they donate a book to people in need whenever they make sales. 

Care for the environment: 

The Company has a significant emphasis on protecting the environment. They ensure every book finds a home. If it doesn’t, it gets recycled properly. They also process, ship, or sell donations or discards. And then they recycle whatever is left.

Betterworldbooks have a sustainability council that ensures that they continuously reduce their carbon footprint. They also ensure they protect the planet.

Accept donations: 

Betterworldbooks accepts donations from campuses, booksellers, and libraries. Individuals can also donate books. However, they have condition requirements for such books.

The books must be free from water damage, mold, mildew, or excess dirt. You have to ensure that they don’t have spine damage, missing, or torn pages. If there are library treatments on them, they should be left intact.

You can donate monographs, rare books, and college textbooks (within ten years of publishing). Other collections include children’s books like activity books or workbooks that are unused. You can also donate fiction and non-fictions with paperback or hardcover.

Foreign language books for Spanish, German, Russian, and French can be donated. But ensure they have ISBN.

Even though they accept donations, there are some materials they don’t take. They include journals, unsellable book editions, audio cassettes, and so on. You can check through the guideline on their platform whenever you want to donate.

You can also contact their customer service representative if you have questions about donations.


Betterworldbooks is a legit online bookstore. It makes a profit from the sales of new and used books and academic materials. But it also focuses on generating funds for libraries and other literary initiatives. 

However, there are few cases of books arriving in poor or damaged conditions. And that’s due to inadequate packaging materials.

Despite that, if you advocate protecting the earth, you should consider buying books from them. That’s because they recycle discards properly. And they also have a team dedicated to brainstorming ways to minimize their carbon footprint.

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